Beelzebub Daddy

Walnut was so weak that just a little blood could not satisfy her. She had only just said a few words


Walnut was so weak that just a little blood could not satisfy her. She had only just said a few words, and she was so tired that she was about to fall asleep again. Walnut? Durea ? Francis Hughes 。” A cold voice, calling her name. Walnut tried to open his eyes again, and what he saw was the cold face of the idiot. He Kill me.. With that dagger.. Cut off my.. Walnut looked at the idiot, there was no deviation in memory, but because she was too tired, too tired, she was struggling to maintain her spirit at the moment, "this" this feeling, she really did not have the energy to brew. " White Crazy.. "" However, the pain in her throat and the hunger and thirst in her abdomen made her feel a little emotional about the man in front of her. It's just that her eyes, which can't express any emotion, can't see her feelings at all. Now, you have a choice. You have the right to know the truth before you face the choice. The idiot stood and said coldly- Your death has been deprived by me. Your life has stopped since you were seventeen years old. You can call yourself immortal, or you can call yourself a living dead person. It doesn't make any difference. And I am the one who made you what you are. In the Empire of Death, you are poisoned by the sword, and there is no cure. As a last resort,iron nail machine, I cursed you. Bind your life to mine. But the price is eternal darkness, never to see the sun again. The facts that followed made Walnut a little confused. She listened and watched blankly, weak, so that she could not produce more reactions. That time, it was a last resort. But now, you have a choice. "You are very weak now,Nail Making Machine price, and in order for you to recover, you have two choices." The first is to maintain this state and take good care of the injury. After a period of time, your body will automatically'heal '. If this is the case, you should still be a'simple can not see the sun 'human, continue to live. As for your hemophilia, it's an obsessive compulsive disorder caused by stress and panic. As long as there is no pressure, you will return to normal in time. The moon was clear, silvery and with a little dark luster shining on the cemetery. Shine on Walnut's face, body. How incredible did Walnut feel about everything in front of her? And besides him, what does Krause over there think of the resurrection of the dead, which completely subverts common sense? The second is that I continue to provide you with blood. So that you can recover as quickly as possible. But if that's the case.. In a flash, the idiot's right eye turned bright red. The chains of the right half of his body were also raised, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail machine manufacturer, demonizing his right half. My blood. It's demon blood. In small quantities, there will be no problem. But if a large amount of magic blood is poured in, it is likely to cause irreparable changes to your body. Besides, this blood is crazy. Once the control is not good, they will lose their reason and fight crazily. In other words, once you accept my blood, my curse, you can no longer be called a human. But at one end. Devil Walnut's mouth, still hanging a glittering and translucent blood. She looked blankly at the demonized idiot on the right side of her body, not knowing what she was thinking about now. However, leaving Walnut alone, Dark Mie shouted at the idiot's decision. (What? Human, are you going to give the magic blood I finally exchanged for you to someone else? Do you know how precious demon blood is? What you are doing now is like awarding a country's highest medal of honor to a passer-by who is just obeying the traffic rules. I don't agree. I firmly disagree. Besides, after you offer it voluntarily, don't I have to work overtime to replenish it for you? You are squeezing my surplus value, you evil capitalist, good man, you have done it, but I have to bear the hard work. The idiot ignored the roar of the dark. The right side of his body was restored to its human form, and he stared again at the walnut in the coffin and said: Now, choose. Should we continue to be a human being, or should we completely abandon our human identity and become the devil that everyone shouts to fight. If you were human, you'd close your eyes. If you are willing to abandon, you can blink three times. How do you decide your own future? You decide for yourself. Idiot, that's all. Next, all he needs is to continue waiting. However, during the waiting, Walnut kept her eyes open, neither closing nor blinking. Just open like that and look at the idiot. A long time, a long time later.. "Holy Mother.." Maria. Number Maybe it's just the last of his strength. But Walnut opened her mouth. But what he said stunned Krauze, who was hiding from eavesdropping. People It's me Kill. Of..? “……………… No Idiot decided to tell the truth. At this moment, the bread holds up the sign. "Sister Walnut is just playing a role to be used. The real bad guys are Captain Andrew and that good-looking elf. They are the underworld who specialize in buying and selling women." The sign, in turn, continues to write: Brother Gullsong, Brother Carol and Sister Weiss are all knights of the Sixth Order of the Stag. Unfortunately, they killed them in the end because of their investigation into the dark organization. Walnut looked gossamer, and when the bread was briefly introduced, she raised her eyes again and looked at the idiot. You.. For my.. Knight. Revenge. No Will. Bad guy Send in. Prison No “………………………………” Idiot,Nail machine supplier, shaking his head. You Plan No matter what This time, the idiot nodded. There was nothing to hesitate about. Walnut took a deep breath and blinked slowly. She knew that an idiot would not do anything for the sake of justice and justice in the world. He also knew that he could never do something dangerous that other young people might plunge into for the sake of loyalty and blood. Yes, the idiot is calm enough. Calm to ruthless.