The world is full of songs

Your Elder Martial Brother is now resting in my humble abode and is waiting for you to get together.


The man stretched out his hand to open the hair on Jin Mu's face, took the clean silk to clean up the long scar, and wrapped it up with gauze after applying the medicine. His eyes were so calm that he could neither bear it nor feel heartache. He just smiled and said to himself, "Interesting.". The killer shows mercy. This sword is not deep enough! He washed his hands, turned his wheelchair and sat by the window. Looking at the dark and misty night on the river, he said in his heart, "He is Lou Qiao's child. You must not allow me to let him die, right?"? Even though- He looked back at Jin Mu, whose eyebrows were no longer frowning, and then his eyes fell on Nie Jing, who was sleepy in front of the book, thinking deeply. He listened to the turbulent waves outside the boat and sighed, "This child's perseverance and perseverance are terrible. If he can survive, it will be a blessing for the state of Jin and a disaster for the state of Chu.". When the cold light floated on the tip of his eyebrows, he sighed again: "That's all, that's all. It's a return for the kindness of Lou Zhan who saved his life at the beginning.". He leaned his head back against the cushion of the wheelchair, thinking of the past, and said faintly, "No." The heart is soft and quiet for a moment, and the vicissitudes of life and sadness after the wind and rain sword seem to drift away with this low call. Jin Mu drifted leisurely under the thick black fog for an unknown length of time, and when the earthly voice finally sounded in his ears, his heart beat faster and he suddenly opened his eyes. In my ears, the gulls are singing, the wild geese are roaring, and the sound of knives coming out of the scabbard and clanging into the scabbard is endless. He turned sideways in pain and looked to his side. The golden sunlight shone into the cabin and shone on the young man in blue beside him, who was playing with a knife. Teenager to the knife, handsome face tight, face has a very serious expression, even if the knife in Jin Mu looks old and broken,304 stainless steel wire, it is unsightly. The boy did not know that Jin Mu woke up, only drew his sword again and again, and moved skillfully, which made Jin Mu secretly surprised. At this moment, he forgot the surging mood he should have when he went to the gate of death and turned around and was lucky enough to live in the world. He only smiled and praised the young man: "Good skill!" Nie Jing hates being disturbed when he practices his sword. He put down his knife and stared back at Jin Mu, looking cold and unhappy. Jin Mu did not know where to offend him. He coughed a few times and asked softly, "Did you save me?" "It's not me, it's Dad!" Nie Jing stuffed another Qingyu pill into his mouth, got up and ran out of the cabin, pushing a man in a wheelchair in. The man was dressed in black silk, but his appearance was as beautiful as Jin Mu had ever seen in his life. A pair of wind eyes, ice like snow and moon, filled with sadness and melancholy. Jin Mu gritted his teeth and sat up straight. He knelt down on the couch and bowed down to the man. "Thank you, sir, for saving my life.". Mu will never forget it in his life. The pain in his back went straight to his heart, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, but he was too stubborn to gasp. The man rubbed Jin Mu's jade card between his fingers and stared at him for half a day. The boy in front of us is only about ten years old. His thin and slender body is like a green bamboo in the cold winter wind for a long time. His bones are strong and flexible, and his appearance is clear and handsome. Such a quiet and elegant appearance is like an old friend in memory. "Come with me," the man whispered. Jin Mu slightly stunned, hurriedly looked up. Nie Jing squinted at Jin Mu, his expression showing some surprise and a trace of excitement so small that even he himself was unaware of it. Jin Mu glanced at the jade tablet in the man's hand without leaving a trace. He looked up and said with a smile, "No, thank you for your kindness.". Mu has parents and a home. I should go back to the place where I was born to live. The man looked at him, his eyes half narrowed, and raised his hand to put the jade card into his arms. He said no more, turned his wheelchair back, pondered the chessboard on the desk when the wind blew last night, and pondered without a word. Sunspot, take the 49th route. A slight sound gently floated up, the man was stunned, that is, two fingers pinched a sunspot, fell into the chessboard. The man gazed at the chess game and sighed faintly. Where are you going Jin Mu thought for a moment and said, "Wu Cheng.". And sir? "Go the same way as you." Wucheng is located at the end of Laishui River, connecting with Sishui River, the national vein of the Eastern Qi Dynasty. Wucheng is also the southern barrier of Jin, relying on the high danger of Diqiu and the edge of Chuqiu. The fishing boat swung gently to the ferry, and Jin Mu stood on the deck and saw the man he had never thought he could see so quickly. The sunset glow carries the twilight, and among the green mountains and waters, the tall and mighty old man on the shore is as calm as a quiet rock. Just one person, with the heroic style of huffing and puffing the sun and the moon. Grandpa! Nie Jing helped Jin Mu off the fishing boat, the old man took a step forward, shaking the voice clearly into Jin Mu's heart, easily shattered his pretence of strength all the way. The old man took him heavily into his arms, and when his arm touched the wound on Jin Mu's back, his little face was pale, but he still did not hum. Nie Jing turned to pick up his father. When the man's wheelchair approached the old man, he nodded low and said, "Ying Huanzi has seen General Lou." Lou Zhan did not exchange pleasantries. He took Jin Mu in his arms and carried him on his back. "Thank you for telling me in advance, little brother," he said lightly. Your Elder Martial Brother is now resting in my humble abode and is waiting for you to get together. He strode in the wind, but his back was as stable as a solid stone, giving Jin Mu unprecedented peace of mind. The glow of the sun seemed to bring the warmth of the scorching sun, which made Jin Mu warm all over his body. He put his tiny arms around Lou Zhan's neck and whispered in his ear, "Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa.." There was no grievance, no cowardice, only endless joy and hope in his voice, but he heard the old man's heart, which had been as hard as iron for fifty years. Good boy, Grandpa-take you home. Lou Zhan was first a general of the Eastern Qi Dynasty, and then moved his family to the north because of Lou Qiao. Although he defected from the Eastern Qi Dynasty, he did not want to seek an official position in another country. After Lou Qiao married Jin Xiang,304 Stainless Steel Bar, he lived in seclusion and bought a mansion in Wucheng, which was closest to the Eastern Qi Dynasty. He spent his spare time in his old age and did not want to have another day when the wind and clouds came out. But he knew that before he received a letter from Ying Huanzi's flying pigeon saying that "Jin Mu was killed and wounded", he could no longer live a stable life.