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The driver nodded and smiled and said, "We have to start quickly. I just looked at the traffic information.


Zhang Ranran has already arrived at the National People's Congress. It seems that the military training of the National People's Congress is not over yet. Zhang Wenhao has not taken time to see her. He wanted to go there this weekend, but unexpectedly, Su Ruoran said that his parents wanted to invite him to dinner at home today. Su Ruoran's parents? This makes Zhang Wenhao more or less nervous, he has seen Su Ruoran's mother, it seems that the last time he was barely in front of her mother, but this time, it is to face Su Ruoran's father, who knows how difficult this test is? Zhang Wenhao was surprised and asked Su Ruoran, "Is there anyone else in your family?" "No more." Su Ruoran smiled and said, "Mom only told Dad about us. As for my grandparents, uncles and uncles, they haven't told me yet. After all, we are still a little young. Mom thinks it's not appropriate to let them know too early. It will make them worry." Zhang Wenhao breathed a sigh of relief, nodded and said, "That's all right. Otherwise, the whole family will hold a three-hall trial against me. I'm really afraid I can't resist it." Su Ruoran could not help but tease: "What is there to resist?"? It's just a meal together. Besides, when I was in Jiangcheng, I had a meal with your whole family. I was nervous half to death that time, okay? This time I just let you meet my parents, but it's cheaper for you. Zhang Wenhao said with a smile, "Our situation is different. I am a boy and you are a girl. The boy's parents are eager for their son to book a good girl early, but the girl's parents are on tenterhooks all day, fearing that their daughter will be cheated by other boys outside." "Don't worry." Su Ruoran said with a smile, "Mom has told Dad about us, and Dad has always said he wants to see you.". Just has been military training, I did not agree, set today, I can see that Dad is looking forward to you. Zhang Wenhao deliberately said with a straight face: "Since you already know.". Why didn't you tell me earlier? I'm ready. You've been waiting until now to tell me. There's only one or two hours left for me. I can't even do a preparatory work. Su Ruoran chuckled and said, "What are you going to do? Just go straight. Uncle Luo will pick us up later.". You don't have to prepare anything, get in the car and accompany me home to have a potluck dinner with the two of them,industrial racking systems, that's all. Zhang Wenhao nodded and asked, "Do you live at home on weekends?" Su Ruoran gave a hum and said, "I live at home one day on weekends and at my grandparents' house one day.". This is the death order they gave me before, and I can't help it. Zhang Wenhao said with a smile, "Well, I'll come back by myself after this meal. I want to invite Ran Ran to have a meal on the weekend, and Li Nan may come to school to report these two days." "Mmm." Su Ruoran nodded and said, "Take care of me, Sister Ran Ran and Li Nan.". Next week, let's find a chance to call them all out and have a meal together. "All right." It was already afternoon when the military training ended. It was already five o'clock. Su Ruoran said that dinner would be served at seven o'clock at home. In that case, he would leave at half past six at the latest. He had to go back to take a bath and change his clothes. Basically, the time was almost the same. He wanted to prepare some gifts, but he really didn't know what to prepare. Moreover, it was not easy to prepare gifts in such a short time. Before six o'clock, Zhang Wenhao received a phone call from Su Ruoran and said, shuttle rack system ,medium duty racking, "Wenhao, are you ready?"? Let's go. Zhang Wenhao asked, "Starting so early?" "Yes." Su Ruoran said: "The afternoon of the weekend is the rush hour, the road is very congested, plus it's really far away, Uncle Luo has arrived, we'd better leave early, otherwise if we wait until the high incidence of traffic jams at six o'clock, I'm afraid we can't get there in an hour or two." Zhang Wenhao promised to come down and said, "Then I'll go out now." Zhang Wenhao did not have any very formal clothes, and it was really inappropriate to wear a suit in this weather, so he had to put on matching trousers, find a light blue short-sleeved shirt from the wardrobe, and then put on a pair of black casual shoes. Although this suit of clothes is not valuable, but it looks like a board, there is a model, Zhang Wenhao did not do too rigid, the top button of the shirt is open, but some business leisure taste, looking at the image of no problem, Zhang Wenhao hurried downstairs, to Su Ruoran's dormitory door to pick her up, two people rushed to school together. Su Ruoran never liked publicity, so she asked the driver to park the car at the door of a restaurant five or six hundred meters away from the main entrance of the school. They walked all the way. After arriving at the door, the driver just wanted to get off. Su Ruoran shook his head at him in the cab. Then, he pulled Zhang Wenhao to run two steps and opened the back door and sat in. The driver was Su Ruoran's former driver in Jiangcheng, so Zhang Wenhao also knew him. After seeing Zhang Wenhao get on the bus, the driver said politely, "Hello, Mr. Zhang. I haven't seen him for a long time." Zhang Wenhao nodded with a smile and said, "Yes, Uncle Luo, we haven't seen each other for two months." The driver nodded and smiled and said, "We have to start quickly. I just looked at the traffic information. It seems that there is already some congestion. My husband and wife are still waiting at home." The driver started the car, after several traffic lights in the city, directly on the Fifth Ring Road, on the Fifth Ring Road, it was all the way north, which made Zhang Wenhao a little surprised. In Zhang Wenhao's understanding of Yanjing, outside the Fifth Ring Road are very remote places, whether in the southeast or northwest, the prosperous areas are basically within the Fifth Ring Road, especially the Third Ring Road and the Second Ring Road. Everywhere is the city center, Su Ruoran's family, how can they live in such a cheap North District? The car even passed the Sixth Ring Road, and after passing the Sixth Ring Road, it continued to drive for more than 20 minutes on a relatively smooth road before turning to another road. The place we passed before was already the urban-rural fringe, and even buildings with more than ten stories were very rare, especially after the car turned to another road. Surrounded by trees,radio shuttle racking, there are few houses at all, and seeing that they have reached the most remote place in Yanjing, Zhang Wenhao is even more suspicious.