My beautiful wife.

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Taking a deep breath, the superior officer looked at Xiang Beibei with sincere eyes and sincere tone: "True friends have nothing to do with family. I only know that I want to be friends with you. Even if I know you are that kind of family, I can't stop my desire to be friends with you." He smiled at Beibei, but his expression was calm, as if he was not very satisfied with the answer. But The superior officer's eyes darkened and his voice was deep: "I wanted to be you." Although I know you rejected me because of this concern, I thought a lot about why you rejected me after I knew your identity a few days ago? I clearly feel that you are not indifferent to me, your concern for me is not false, why did you refuse me? "Until I knew your identity, I understood, I probably guessed what you were thinking at that time, and I probably guessed how sad you were at that time, so I was very depressed, and I hated myself for being useless and not worthy of you." Hearing this, he smiled at Beibei and tightened his hands with the superior officer. Feeling the movement to Beibei, Shangguan Nenren smiled at her, but the skin smiled and the flesh did not smile, which was very ugly. In fact, after I knew your concerns, I thought for a long time from my own point of view, and finally I came to a conclusion. Xiang Beibei looked at Shangguan Able Person quietly, but Shangguan Able Person felt that her palms were wet. It seemed that Xiang Beibei's heart was not as calm as the surface. Looking at Beibei's big eyes as bright as the starry sky,Inflatable water obstacle course, Shangguan Nengren took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: "You and me.." It's really impossible! Thanks to "just drag cool" and "Xiaoyao Scholar Spoony Sword '' avv '' '" for 100 coins each, thanks to "Huan Xing Xuan Yu" for 200 coins, thanks to "The Time of Establishment" for 300 coins, and thanks to the "Troubled Times Xiaofeng" for 588 coins. Huish small. Say 。 T! Xt-Paradise Chapter 13 lovers The air seemed to solidify in an instant, and Beibei's palms were no longer sweating, but became cold, and his white face seemed to be more white,Inflatable water park on lake, which could be called'too white '. Because Xiang Beibei's expression was still calm, but the change of her body was keenly perceived by Shangguan Able Person. With a pain in her heart, she held Xiang Beibei's hands tightly and said painfully, "Beibei, I have a family!"! If I were the only one, I would want you even if I died, but I have a family! It doesn't matter what I do, but I have a family! I have a family! Three times in a row, 'I have a family!' Xiang Beibei looked at the painful eyes of Shangguan Able Person, blushed on his white face, and his hands gradually recovered their temperature. The smile climbed up his cheeks again, and his face gradually approached the superior officer. His forehead was gently against his forehead. He closed his eyes and said softly, "Close your eyes and listen to me." The superior officer had just thought that he was going to kiss Beibei, but his heart was still pounding. Hearing this, he hurriedly closed his eyes and eliminated his distracting thoughts. It doesn't matter. The gentle words to Beibei rang in my ears. Just know that you like me. I like you That's enough. Is it really enough? A gentle kiss printed on the cheek, Inflatable dry slide ,Inflatable outdoor park, so warm, warm to the heart. Loosening his crossed hands, Shangguan Nengren held Xiang Beibei tightly in his arms and two lines of tears fell down: "I like you all my life." Xiang Beibei nestled in the arms of Shangguan Able Person, smiling at the corners of his mouth and smiling softly: "Fool..." I will love you for a lifetime. When I got home that night, my parents came back. Listen to them say, little Luo Li second uncle's work has been completed half, tomorrow can be completely completed, and this time can earn 300 yuan, this is still look at the opening discount to the human price, compared to the work of that salary is much better, even Li Xinhong moved the idea of retirement, want to do this decoration with Shangguanyi. Shangguanyi expressed his opposition and let Li Xinhong go to work at ease, and then make plans after the decoration is on the right track. i In any case, this is a good start, and Shangguan is happy for his father. It seems that today's day is a good thing, Shangguan people feel lucky. Back in the bedroom, the superior officer lay in bed and entered the study space again. Welcome back, master. Asahina Minoru has changed her outfit again, and this time it's a cat-eared maid outfit that kills the world. The superior officer immediately saw stars in his eyes. He rushed up and threw himself at Asahi Nai Shi Jiu. His face kept rubbing: "So cute, so cute, so cute.." "Ah.." Yah! Master Yuck, um.. 18 R screen automatically skips.. After the release, Shangguan Able Person lay on the virtual Persian carpet, relaxed and stretched, looked at the blue sky, sighed lightly: "This is the life in my dream, comfortable, comfortable, without scruple." With a shy blush on his face, he went to the side of Shangguan Able Person, raised his head, pillowed it on his thigh, and gently rubbed Shangguan Able Person's temple with his little hand: "Master, you seem very happy today!" The superior officer grunted comfortably and said with a laugh, "Do you see that?" "Mmm." "It's obvious!" Nodded Asahi Binai. "So obvious!" Remembering the agreement with Xiang Beibei tonight, Shangguan Able Person smiled: "Yes!"! I'm very happy today. "It's great that the master is happy, and Asahina is very happy." As a virtual woman in the system, Asahina has no so-called curiosity. If it is not necessary, she will not ask the secret of Shangguan Able Person, which also makes Shangguan Able Person very satisfied. A peerless beauty who accompanies you to cry and laugh, no matter what you do, which man doesn't like it? Relax your nerves. For a long time, Shangguan Able Person breathed out and stood up again. The comfortable environment around him suddenly turned into an endless green grassland. Seeing that the superior officer had changed the environment into a prairie, Chao Binai was puzzled: "Master, what are you going to do?" The superior officer smiled and said, "I've been in the study space for so long,Inflatable indoor park, but I haven't studied. I want to study today.". i” "Is the master going to study?" With a happy smile on his face, Asahina Minoru said, "But … …" You don't have to become a prairie to learn! 。