A small shopkeeper in the sixties (a little white lotus flower through Goldfinger)

A small shopkeeper in the sixties (a little white lotus flower through Goldfinger)A small shopkeeper in the sixties (a little white lotus flower through Goldfinger)


Li Jing was so angry that she almost fainted. At this time, everyone was cooking dinner, and they lived close to each other, so they all came to see when they heard the noise. Knowing that Li Jing's family was teaching the children a lesson, everyone thought it was very strange. You know, over the years, Xu Jiansheng and his wife have been a famous model couple in this mine. The Xu family is also a five-good family for several years in a row. The whole family was friendly wherever they went, and they never blushed. Li Jing is very good to the children. I was beating a child today. It doesn't seem to be their niece. Why haven't you seen her before? Someone saw Xu Nannan pulling Xu Xiaoman out of the yard and whispering. It should be their own daughter. I heard that their own daughter came to the mine today, and she had a very bad time. Said the child didn't even have a good dress. "What is Li Jing doing when her own daughter is beaten as soon as she comes?" Several people are talking, Xu Jiansheng is also carrying a small pork back, see the neighbors pointing at their own, confused walked past, and heard Li Jing shouting inside, their two daughters stood outside to let people look like monkeys, his face suddenly sank down. Nan Nan, what's wrong? Xu Nannan was talking with Xu Xiaoman about what he had seen and heard outside. Hearing Xu Jiansheng's voice, the expression on his face immediately became very sad. "Dad, you can come back. Mom doesn't know what happened. She chased me and Grain Buds.". The Grain Buds and I are afraid to go home. Dad, we will go back to our hometown tomorrow. I know this is not our home. It's Sister Hong Hong's family. Originally still some angry, heard his own daughter said this,temperature check kiosk, Xu Jiansheng's heart and some sad guilt. This is his own daughter, and she said that this is not her home. The child just came to the first day, and it was like this. What is all this. Xu Jiansheng went over and led the two children to the house. "Go home. Your mother won't beat you." Xu Nannan dare not, "my mother is still scolding inside, holding a cane in her hand." "I'm back, and she won't dare!" Xu Jiansheng affirmed. Dad, I believe you. Xu Nannan smiled gratefully. Looking at his daughter's smile, Xu Jiansheng felt even worse. He sighed to let the two children in,face detection android, and when he entered the yard, he closed the door directly, separating the gossip outside. In the yard, Xu Hong and Xu Meizi are beating Li Jing's back smoothly. Seeing the two children come in, she immediately picked up the stick, "You dare to come back and see if I don't kill you today!" If she hadn't been worried about being seen by outsiders, she would have rushed out and beaten the two children, especially the dead girl Nannan, who was getting worse and worse. Seeing her like a shrew, Xu Jiansheng frowned more tightly. "What's wrong with you? What's wrong with you?". The child just came the first day, you make the neighbors all see the joke, what do you want to do?! Today, he had a bad day. He had been holding his breath for a whole day. He didn't know how to break out. When he came back in the evening, he wanted to give the children something good to make up for it. As a result, interactive whiteboard prices ,temperature screening kiosk, his wife, who was usually very kind, began to curse the street. It looks very much like the old lady at home. It's annoying for him to watch. Don't you ask her what she has done? "Li Jing pointed at Xu Nannan with grievance.". Xu Jiansheng looked at Xu Nannan. Xu Nannan spread out his hands, "I didn't do anything, I just let the Grain Buds talk to me.". Mom suddenly rushed in with a stick and wanted to hit someone. "Speak?" Li Jing cold hum, "a lot of things waiting to be done, you are still gossiping, do not know how to help work." Xu Nannan said innocently, "How do I know? I don't think they are working. Longlong and Leizi are still playing outside. How do I know I have something to do?". Besides, it's not our turn to work on my first day with the Grain Buds. Hearing this, Xu Jiansheng felt that Li Jing had made a mountain out of a molehill. But in front of the children, it is not good to teach Li Jing a lesson. He turned to look at Nannan. "Nannan, this is your fault.". Honghong, they are guests. How can they let the guests work. You can't think like that anymore. He thought it was very simple. When guests came to the house, they were all served by the host. My daughter must be entertaining her niece. When Xu Hong and Xu Meizi heard this, their faces were not good. Xu Hong, in particular, bit her lip with an unwilling look on her face. Xu Nannan laughed angrily, "Dad, there's something wrong with what you said.". I would like to ask, whose guests spend more time at home than the host. I always thought they were the masters of the house, and Grain Buds and I were guests. "This.." Xu Jiansheng choked for a moment. Li Jing originally saw Xu Jiansheng in the maintenance of her sake, prepared to see Xu Jiansheng teach the two girls a lesson, the results of Xu Jiansheng was asked to live, for a time and get angry. You are such an uneducated child. Even your father is the best. Why are you so old and young? "No one teaches, where does it come from?" Xu Nannan took it for granted. Erya, how can you talk like that? Isn't it hurting the hearts of uncle and aunt. There are so many adults in the family to take care of your two children. What do you want to do. Do you know how difficult it is for uncle and aunt? Xu Hong said indignantly. Xu Meizi looked at Xu Nannan guiltily, "Sister Erya, if you are angry in your heart, just throw it at me. Don't blame uncle and aunt." Li Jing wiped away her tears. "Look, why are they so sensible? How can I give birth to such a thing?" Xu Long and Xu Lei also heard the noise, ran back from the outside, saw Li Jing crying, Xu Hong and Xu Meizi accused Xu Nannan, immediately joined the battle, "Erya sister, why are you so bad ah, come to make trouble.". When you didn't come, we had a good time. Why did you make trouble when you came? Xu Long hurried angrily. He is still in love with two meat buns. Big aunt said to leave him and Xu Lei to eat in the evening, the result was actually eaten by two Ya and four Ya. Xu Lei also wanted to scold, and was pulled by Xu Meizi, "Leizi, don't bother them, go to the house to do your homework." Xu Lei wanted to curse, but his mother said, to listen to plum,outdoor digital signage displays, or he will go back to his hometown, so this time the son did not dare to go up, can only go to the house with a flat mouth. hsdtouch.com