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Time panic although only seven or eight days away from the encirclement and suppression of zombies

Time panic although only seven or eight days away from the encirclement and suppression of zombies but the whole base has been floating and eventually even the only remaining guards of the base because of fear in the heart collective escape the rest of the people are like a swarm of bees to escape In order to prevent ordinary people from escaping the Institute sent a team of people to hunt Fertilizers them down There was a man in the pursuit team who happened to have a brother in the fleeing team and recognized him at a glance as his missing brother but this man was always unaware of himself and showed no mercy We don't know what these people did when they were captured by the Institute What we can see is that these people not only strengthened their physique a lot but also became one against ten Moreover they became very irritable and did not know anyone Because of this pursuit team many people died on the way to escape but more people ran out The entire L city base became a dead city Since knowing the news Xing's face has been very ugly Guo Xiaobei and Jin Feichen know his mind began to help in the crowd to find out the news to see if anyone knows the whereabouts of Tian Tian Asked a lot of people there is no impression this year are concerned about running for their lives who will care about an ordinary little girl The disappointment again and again made Xing's mood extremely low Guo Xiaobei patted him on the shoulder to appease his expression but he could not say anything else but Ye Ling's mind was delicate and his appearance and temperament were relatively unguarded so he slowly appeased Xing Yi Han Yang's mood is also very low the corners of his mouth are always filled with a sneer that is to see Guo Xiaobei has a trace of warmth In the evening everyone nests together to rest Xing just slowly said he and Tian Tian's matter He took Tian has always been treated as his own sister spoiled love in addition to Tian is he saw from childhood have deep feelings but also because Tian's parents that is Xing Kui's uncle and aunt is from childhood to raise him this orphan without parents His uncle and aunt treated him like their own sons and even when they had their own daughters they treated him the same He also vowed from an early age that he would take good care of his sister all his life but he did not expect to encounter this kind of world and this kind of thing happened again A good big man was forced to cry by these things If anything happens to Tian Tian I'm afraid he won't feel at ease all his life Brother Xing don't worry I don't think Tian Tian will have an accident It's better to ask Sister Chang Wei to make a prediction Ye Ling soothed Xing Kui but his gentle and low tone gradually put Xing Kui at ease Since I didn't hear the news maybe it was good news and maybe the little girl ran out with it Let's be careful in the future maybe we can find her! "Mmm" Xing Kui nodded convinced of Ye Ling's words Chang Wei also tried her best to contribute her strength Although she could not know too much with her present ability she tried her best to predict it Chang Wei's face was pale but with a faint smile she told Xing that nothing had happened to Tian Tian Xing was pleasantly surprised and thanked Chang Wei For him as long as his sister is all right China Chemicals he will find her in the future Followed the army for a few days heard more and more rumors what power research Institute to catch power everywhere or how many powers the power research Institute has cultivated There are more than a dozen rumors about the truth and falsehood and Han Yang's face is getting worse and worse Guo Xiaobei did not know why Han Yang had a calm face but he guessed that the reason for Han Yang's calm face was probably related to this power research Institute And he's got a problem of his own Along the way to kill zombies to pick up the task has become an instinct encountered more and more powerful zombies but the system default and Guo Xiaobei together to kill zombies are teammates their experience also belongs to Guo Xiaobei So the upgrade was also accelerated and soon it was upgraded to level 15 But when the system prompted him to rise to level 15 the system suddenly sounded the task prompt tone Ding Random Task [Destroy the Power] Task Tip Host Zombie has a malicious power around him Find this power and destroy him within three days to ensure that the secret of the system is not revealed Task reward experience 10000 money 10000 survival point 1000 this task is a mandatory task the system automatically accepts after 20 seconds If the task fails the penalty will be random This task made Guo Xiaobei silly on the spot for a moment and his brain stopped running as if it had crashed Although Han Yang was upset he found Guo Xiaobei's abnormality for the first time and kicked the zombie who wanted to attack him to pull him to his side You Ahem why are you in a daze Poisonous words want to export but suddenly thought of the front of Inorganic Chemicals this is already his companion hurriedly stopped at the brink of the precipice changed to something else so as not to scare away the other side he did not know where to go to find back Even so Han Yang is still very angry angry Guo Xiaobei regardless of the venue in a daze Now is what society so chaotic unexpectedly can also be in a daze if was caught by the zombie Han Yang did not dare to think caught Guo Xiaobei hand unconsciously with force "Xiaobei you have an accident what should I do" I have already lost my family once and I don't want to lose my lover again because of zombies Guo Xiaobei woke up when Han Yang pulled him Look at the surrounding environment can not help but a moment of fear There are very few ordinary zombies now and most of them have evolved once Although he is now level 14 it is a piece of cake to deal with zombies that have evolved once but there are too many zombies And there are many secondary evolution or even three evolution of zombies but also can not easily relax vigilance Speaking of this Guo Xiaobei has always been very upset Obviously everyone is playing zombies and he is also relatively cheap there is a cheater the upgrade speed is fast Every upgrade the system will strengthen his body not very exaggerated but really a little bit in the strong plus usually he is also the main force combat experience is also very rich but in any case he is always a little worse than Han Yang always more than his combat index Is Han Yang this guy is also open to hang —— 80 Task failed globalchemmall.com