Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward

When Wang Xueqin heard what Liu Mi said, the corners of her mouth twitched again and again. Xiaohan

When Wang Xueqin heard what Liu Mi said, the corners of her mouth twitched again and again. Xiaohan had told her yesterday that Tang Baoping, the president of the student union, had found out from the file that Xiaohan had won the championship of the National Primary and Secondary School Students'Literature and Art Competition. Her specialty was Guqin, so she asked her to perform on stage. For this reason, she was given a separate rehearsal room. The president of the student union is so enthusiastic that it is not easy for Xiaohan to refuse, but there is also a direct advantage. She can put the piano in the dormitory to practice in her spare time in the future, so that the master will not always say that she is not doing her job properly. In the eyes of the master, ancient music is the real treasure of our country! In the morning, Wang Xueqin accompanied Xiaohan to the rehearsal room to practice all morning. The roommates were all busy and didn't pay attention to their whereabouts at all! Xiao Han approached Liu Mi and hooked her shoulder: "Sister Xiaomi, I have decided to throw caution to the wind for your wish. I will go to the program now!" Then he pulled up Wang Xueqin and walked out. Xiaoya, don't call me sister Xiaomi! Liu Mi thought Xiao Han was joking, but he didn't take it seriously at all. He was still protesting against Xiao Han calling her Xiaomi. Xiao Han, who had already run out of the door, stepped back and tilted his head: "Sister Rice, bye-bye!" Then he pulled Wang Xueqin and ran downstairs, leaving a fragrant smell behind him! A classmate of the dormitory on the side just stood in the doorway and sniffled comfortably: "What brand of perfume is this? It's not pungent at all!" Turning his head, he saw Liu Mi chasing him out of the door. He asked, "Liu Mi, do you know what brand of perfume Zhao Xiaohan uses?"? It smells so good! "I don't know, I haven't seen her wear perfume, this bad little girl!" When Liu Mi saw that Xiao Han and Wang Xueqin had already run away, he had to mutter and go back. Xiao Liangliang reached out to poke Liu Mi: "You said Xiaoya would not really go to the program, right?" "Did the girl go out because she was afraid I would beat her?"? It's too late to report the program now. She hasn't prepared anything. She would have reported it long ago! At this time, Qiaoqiao, who had just gone to wash his face, came back. After listening to Liu Mi's words, he looked at the room doubtfully and found that Xiaohan and Wang Xueqin were missing. Then he curled his lips: "It's definitely not possible to sign up now. The program list has already been arranged!"! Besides, not everyone can choose to perform at the New Year's Party. You have to have a little standard. At that time, I signed up for the senior and specially tested me. I was afraid that I was overrated! Liu Mi laughed and said, "Qiaoqiao, are you afraid that Xiaoya will steal your limelight?" "Cut!"! How come! I've been preparing for such a long time. How can I do without this confidence! Besides, this limelight is not beautiful to grab, not than academic performance, I have nothing to be afraid of! At this point, she looked at Liu Mi with some uncertainty: "Do you think she will not really go to sign up?" She was worried that the student union would have no principles for the sake of Xiaohan being the top science scholar. With Xiaohan's appearance, as long as she came on stage, even if she stood without speaking, she would attract more attention than others. "Are you afraid?" Liu Mi looked at Qiaoqiao carefully: "You are really afraid!" "No, beam impact tubes ,side impact beams, I didn't!"! I'm going to put it on my eyes! Liu Mi is not let her go: "Qiao Qiao, I do not understand one thing, why are you so afraid of Xiaoya on stage ah?"? You should know that you are not the only freshman to perform. I heard that Xiaodie, the teacher who greeted our little girl that day, was going to perform the flying dance. The dance was beautiful like a fairy. That's the competitor you have to worry about, right? And the performances of the seniors also have a lot of quality programs, such as the former school beauty Lan Lian, the former school grass Chen Yu, who are all celebrities of the school, do you think you can cover their limelight? Qiaoqiao put the cucumber slices on her face and lay there sighing slowly: "Actually, I'm not aiming at Xiaoya. To tell the truth, I think Xiaoya is very good, and I like her very much!"! But one of the students in our school who entered Peking University this year is my enemy. Her name is Yang Lanlan. I don't want her to see a joke! Liu Mi curled his lips and said, "You haven't come to the point yet. Xiaoya is not Yang Lanlan!" "At that time, among the girls, I was the first in science, and she was the first in science. Every time I took the exam, I was a little higher than her, and I was a little better than her in literature and art. We were almost the same in sports. She was always very unconvinced about this. I remember she said to me at that time that if you had the ability to enter the university, you would also be the first."? Don't you think I will lose face if I am not the first? You said that Shi Xiaodie and we are not the same department, Lanlian and Chen Yu and we are not the first level, can not be counted as my direct opponent, the Department of Finance only I reported the program, you said that if Xiaoya came on stage, even if she did not move, she would be more eye-catching than me! Why don't you make Yang Lanlan beautiful? The damn key is also in the Department of Finance! Xiao Liangliang curled her lips and said, "What kind of reason is this? It's clearly a fallacy!"! I don't have to see it with my own eyes to know that you must be the first to show off in front of others all day long, and only when you make people angry will you say that kind of thing! But for the first time, I found that you are quite self-aware, knowing that you will not have your share as soon as you come on stage! "I'm the first. Do I have to show off?" Qiaoqiao said "suddenly" sat up: "I said Xiao Liangliang, you do not aim at me uncomfortable, right? I'm in the same dormitory with you. How can you turn your elbow out? Liu Mi pointed to the fallen cucumber slices: "Your eyes!" Jojo lay back obediently again. Una smiled and curled her lips. "I bet Xiaoya will definitely perform tonight. Who will bet differently?" Xiao Liangliang asked with interest, "What is the bet?" Una thought: "Tomorrow's lunch, the loser is responsible for the winner to pay the bill, the standard of 5 yuan per person, how about it?" "OK, I'll participate, I bet Xiaoya won't go on stage!" Xiao Liangliang said that she signed her name on Una's gambling book, and of course she signed it on the side where Xiao Han did not go on stage. I bet Xiaoya goes on stage! Wang Yu also signed his name. After that, Liu Mi and Qiao Qiao both bet that Xiao Han would not go on stage. Li Xinxin looked at the crowd hesitantly: "I want to bet Xiaoya on the stage, but I may not have so much money, can I abstain?" Li Xinxin only spends one yuan on a meal. At present, it is exactly 50/50 for Xiaohan to go on stage and not go on stage. That is to say,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, if she loses, she must pay five yuan for the other party, which is not a small amount for her. cbiesautomotive.com