Knot Love · Strangers Meet Huan by Shi Dingrou [Modern Fantasy]

The tea house mainly sells tea and cold drinks, and also sells all kinds of cakes. There are only a dozen kinds of dishes


The tea house mainly sells tea and cold drinks, and also sells all kinds of cakes. There are only a dozen kinds of dishes, mainly light, famous for seafood. Business is not busy at lunch time, and there are few people to talk. Pipi chose a seat near the window, opened the cap of the two realgar bottles and put them on the windowsill. The antique windows are not 100% sealed, and the cold air is squeezed in continuously. The place where Helan Jingting sits is just in the downwind direction. Actually, there are better seats upstairs. Unfortunately, the stairs are very narrow and there are always people going up and down, which is not very convenient for blind people. What's more, if Helan Jingting is angry and wants to eat her, it will be easier to escape from the first floor. There is a smell of sulfur in the realgar. In the morning, Pipi took a shower in the bathroom at home, and a strange insect crawled out of the wall before boiling water. With a front body like a centipede and a back body like a scorpion, she screamed and ran out wrapped in a bath towel. At that time, Pipi's mother was gargling. She took a look at the cup and said, "Pipi, get the camera quickly. We discovered a new species today." The voice did not fall, grandma goes in "bang" ground, pat with slipper, the bug on the wall became plane. She wiped it with toilet paper and threw it into the toilet. She said to Pipi, "Well, the insects are gone. Continue to wash.". You'll be late if you keep dragging your feet. Since Pipi became the main pillar of the family's income, the whole family has shown positive cooperation in her work and life. In contrast, Pipi Dad, who gets up at four o'clock every morning to set up a stall, is left alone. Pipi's father is also unwilling to go downstream, and recently he has found a part-time job. Specially for people to open the toilet. It is said that in today's weak labor market, this kind of skilled job is not easy to find. If Pipi's father is not a plumber in a factory, but also an advanced worker, he can't even apply. Of course,deep draw stamping, the income of this job is quite good, but it is not stable, and it can live carelessly with selling magazines in the morning. Apart from her grandmother, Pipi's mother had the lowest salary. She was quite beautiful when she was young, but when she was old, she loved to buy cosmetics. Her salary was spent in less than a week. Grandma Pipi could not understand that she had no money but also had the style of petty bourgeoisie, but she dared not speak out. At the moment of the insect, Grandma exerted too much force to shake down a small bottle on the toilet rack, impartially, and just fell into the toilet. Oh, my God, my Magnolia Oil Eye Cream! Pippi's mother called out one after another. Angrily, he went to the kitchen to find a stick, but he didn't get it a few times, so he sulked. Pipi knew that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had been fighting secretly for decades, and the flames of war would soon rise again. Mom, CNC machining parts ,metal stamping parts, grandma, I'm going to take a shower. Pippi quickly closed the door. Sure enough, there was a murmur outside the door, then a battle of words, then a roar, and then a loud sound of closing the door. Pippi knew it was her mother who left. When Pipi was ten years old, his mother once had an extramarital affair with a Taiwanese businessman, and the whole factory knew about the ups and downs. In other words, Pipi's mother once secretly worked as a mistress for a year behind the back of the family, and even had an abortion. Later, the Taiwanese businessman took a fancy to another woman, so he stopped associating with her. Pipi's mother went to make a scene, offended the family, and ended up coming back in a clean breeze. It was Pipi's father who had advanced ideas and reconciled regardless of the past. But Grandma Pippi had a handle from then on. My Dehui wants your broken shoe! In a word, Pipi's mother is going to hang herself. Of course it's fake. After waiting for a long time for Helan Jingting to show up, Pipi suddenly thought, could it be that he smelled the smell of realgar a hundred meters away and refused to come. Maybe she underestimated the man's distaste for realgar. Just as he was thinking about whether to withdraw or not, the sound of the wooden fish moved, and Helan Jingting entered the door, put away his blind stick, and walked accurately in the direction of Pipi's sitting. He wore a stiff windbreaker, pure black, with a silky sheen. Very short hair, combed without a trace of disorder, long and thin face angular but indifferent. Like an FBI detective or a movie star in the crowd, the fragrance all the way made the women around him look back one after another. I'm sorry I'm late. Helan Jingting took off his gloves. How do you know I'm sitting here? Without waiting for Helan Jingting to answer, Pipi said in a strange tone, "Oh, I remember that someone planted incense on me." The word "kind of incense" is specially stressed. Have you had an affair recently? 'Planting Incense 'is not a word in your dictionary. As if he had not heard the sound, Helan Jingting sat down, took off his glasses, and stared at her with a pair of black and bottomless eyes. Pipi quickly covered his face with a cup: "Put on your sunglasses, Helan Jingting." He smiled and put his sunglasses back on. Right hand to the table a touch, touch the menu: "You said you treat, right?" "Yes." "Then I won't stand on ceremony." He smiled faintly. "I'm hungry." “……” Do you really want to order? Pippi is speechless. She had only two hundred yuan in her pocket, and looking at Helan Jingting's posture, two hundred yuan certainly could not be spent, so she looked at him nervously. The waiter came over and reported the menu. Helan Jingting asked smartly, "Tell me, what special dishes do you have here?" "The abalone that just arrived today is very fresh. The braised abalone cooked by our famous chef is the most popular seafood." A look at Helan Jingting's style is like a rich customer, not to mention inviting female guests, waiters do not hesitate to report from the most expensive dishes. Would you like two? "All right." The waiter wrote on the paper in his hand. Pipi stopped him at once: "How much is an abalone?" "Give you two a 10% discount, 325 yuan." Pippi almost passed out. Before she could react, Helan Jingting ordered Job's tears, winter melon, fried mushrooms and an ice cream, and asked for Herritus by name. This brand is not available in our store. We will send someone to buy it. It costs 70 yuan per customer. The waiter said. It's okay. Helan Jingting smiled. "That's all for now." That person is waiting to leave, be called by him again: "Wait, trouble you break the thing inside this box, add ice water and honey,die cast light housing, pack come over in the cup.". Thank you He took out a plastic lunch box from his rucksack. Pipi saw that there was half a box of colorful petals inside. It turns out his food is here. After calming down, Pipi said, "Don't you eat seafood?" 。