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The county government outside the preparation is wind unboiled water, the county government inside the


The county government outside the preparation is wind unboiled water, the county government inside the Yang Huan is angry, not to scold Niang. Originally that Yang Taiwei's letter clearly mentioned that the Ministry of the Interior is allocated three hundred thousand money down, to his hand, but only fifty thousand, in addition to the neighboring county also each cent to fifty thousand, the remaining half pull one hundred and fifty thousand also don't know where to go. Two days later, he received a letter from Lu Tongjian. First, he told him some things to pay attention to when repairing the dike. Second, he specifically mentioned the matter. It was said that the money came down from the Ministry of the Interior, passed through the road and state checkpoints, and reached out one by one to get some. Now half of it is left, and it is still good. Also said that this is also an unwritten officialdom rule, the letter sighed, and finally said that the gap can only rely on the following to think of their own way. According to the county annals, the coastal line of Qingmen County is more than 80 Li. Apart from the mountains, the seawall needs to be built for more than 50 Li, which is not a small project. According to the old man in the county, when the old pond was first built, it was also budgeted according to a stone pond, but in the end it was built into a grass and mud pond mixed with wooden piles and gravel. The reason, the local people are clear, but also helpless. The grass and mud pond was barely able to withstand the usual rising tide, but when it came to the hurricane tide,alloy die casting, it could not withstand it. Naturally, it was washed to pieces and flooded the fields. Later, although it was repaired several times, it was only to repair the section that had been washed out, treating the head when the head hurts and treating the foot when the foot hurts, and seeing that it was more and more dilapidated. It is roughly estimated that if a solid stone pond is built, it will cost at least one hundred thousand yuan, but now it only costs fifty thousand yuan,die casting parts, which is less than half. Mu Xian Cheng crackled with an abacus, and then he said carefully. When Yang Huan heard this, without saying a word, he went back to the rear office and found Xu Shirong, who was in the yard. He cursed the corrupt officials who had extended their hands to the funds allocated for the repair of the dike. Finally, he asked her to take out the gold coins she had got from the Xu family because of the Xu Dahu case. He counted them and threw the last one back into the box with a sound. He frowned and said, "These alone are not of great use.". If I had known, I would have knocked more last time! After a pause, he said ferociously, "I don't care. I'll take advantage of the autumn season and start repairing it earlier. It's time to repair one section after another.". When the time comes, there is really no way out. I will go to Tongzhou Mansion to make trouble, so that those who have eaten into it will spit back to me! The big deal is to poke the front of the throne room, and the big guys will break up! It was the first time in his life that Xu Shirong saw him worried about money. If a small number, out of their own then just, only the fifty thousand Guan is a little tricky. When the highest prime minister's monthly money, not counting other subsidies such as silk charcoal, salt and tea, Steel investment casting ,die casting parts, was no more than three hundred yuan, and he could not afford the money himself. He could not think of any good ideas at the moment, so he had to persuade him slowly with good words. When Yang Huan slowly calmed down, he was about to go to the front office again when he saw the sound almost jumping into the yard. "Madam," he said with a smile, "it's so lively at the gate of the office. The villagers knew that the money for repairing the seawall was not enough, and they all came to say that they wanted to donate money. Xu Shirong and Yang Huan looked at each other, and they hurried to the former government office. Sure enough, there was a lot of noise there, and the villagers who had heard the news gathered there. See Yang Huan came out, hula around to come over. An old man in his sixties or seventies, whose clothes were very shabby, was supported. He knelt down shakily and said, "Lord Yang, the old man heard that there was a shortage of money for the construction of the seawall, so he came here specially.". Old man, I am sixty and five years old this year, and my ancestors live here. The sea tide surges backward, drifts away the Lushe farmland, innumerable. I still remember that on the first day of the seventh month in the second year of Tiansheng, the sea tide broke through the pond dam and drifted all over the county. One thousand and two hundred families were buried in the belly of the fish. My family of eight people went to six, leaving only one grandson. Although it has been more than ten years now, the old man is still in great pain whenever he thinks of it. In the past, the county people ignored the people's livelihood, and we all had no alternative. Now God has sent such a good official as Lord Yang to build a seawall for the people. Such a thing for the benefit of all the people must not be hindered by the shortage of money! The old man's family did not have much savings. I had saved the money by living frugally for many years. It was supposed to be used for my grandson's marriage. Now all of them have been donated to build the seawall, even if it is only enough to add a stone, it is also my old man's heart! Then he pulled a young man who looked a little simple and honest on the side and said, "This is my grandson's son. The old man's legs and feet are inconvenient and he can't repair the seawall, but my grandson has a lot of strength, so he asked him to work hard!" When the old man finished speaking, a group of villagers behind him were even more excited. They all echoed and took money out of themselves one after another, saying that they wanted to contribute money and effort. Xu Shirong's heart was really shocked. He looked at Yang Huan beside him and saw that his face was even more excited. His eyes seemed to be a little red. He shouted: "Don't worry, villagers. I, Yang Huan, swear to God that I can't build a seawall. I.." I After a pause, he stamped his foot and shouted, "Eighteen generations of ancestors of my Yang family are all cowards!" Hsu Shih-jung remembered that the last time he had been sent to Tongzhou by the villagers, he had only written his surname upside down to make a vow. This time, even eighteen generations of ancestors had moved out to swear. He hurriedly pulled down his sleeve, meaning to be restrained. Yang Huan looked back and gave her an impatient look. Then he waved his big hand and said, "I'll take the villagers' wishes.". You can rest assured that every money you donate will be used on the seawall and will never be lost! Then he said to Mu Xian Cheng, who was in a daze on the side, and several other petty officials, "Keep your eyes on me. If anyone dares to touch this dollar with a crooked mind and is known, I'll cut off his hand on the spot!" Mu Xian Cheng was stunned. Before he could make a statement, he heard the police chief Zhang Daodao say, "Don't worry, your excellency.". Although we have done some shameful things in the past, we are all born and bred in Qingmen County. Adults are dedicated to the people, if I even dare to think about this money, it is really not raised by life! I'll go back and ask my wife to donate money. She's famous for being stingy, and I don't dare to ask for more. Before he had finished speaking,Stainless steel foundry, he saw a woman separating the crowd. She roared angrily in front of Zhang Da. She grabbed him by the ear and shouted, "You loser!"! Make me up like this in front of others! It turns out that the caution in front of me on weekdays is made to coax me! If I'm not stingy, you'll gamble all the money at home! 。