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Volume IV Starlight Flowing Years Chapter 345 Brothers by the Barbecue Stand Livy laughed, too, rubbing his


Volume IV Starlight Flowing Years Chapter 345 Brothers by the Barbecue Stand Livy laughed, too, rubbing his greasy glass with his fingers, his face full of nostalgia, and said with emotion, "Yes, this is my original ideal.". Read the nest website w-w-w. D-u-du-wo. C-o-m. "I like Bermuda. Apart from the fact that it's simpler than the Commonwealth and the rules of reason are more in line with my mouth, another reason is that the food here is more in line with my mouth." You like meat, I also like meat, in fact, I found that as long as there are people who do not like meat? Of course, I mean the real meat. Levi drank a glass of wine and squinted his eyes to recall those years: "When I was tied up to Bermuda by my family, life was actually good. They didn't abuse me very much, but they refused to give me meat to eat. Probably they couldn't remember that the young captive was not afraid of death. What he was afraid of was that he could let go in Bermuda." Where the belly eats meat, it can't taste meat. Pointing to the house opposite the barbecue stand, he said with a smile, "I was there at that time, and I smelled the barbecue smell coming from here every day." At that time, in order to threaten Xu Le, the lady behind Mochow's mountain tied up Li Wei from Donglin to Bermuda. For Li Wei, who had not really experienced danger at that time and was in the remote Donglin, you can imagine what a soul-stirring experience and what a painful memory it was. Xu Le raised his glass and drank it down. He never asked about the details of those things. As a brother, he didn't need to ask. The last time we met for the first time in the Federation, you treated me to a barbecue in Wangdu, which tasted good, but unfortunately there was no real meat. "I've never forgotten the smell of this barbecue stand, especially the roast leg of lamb,Nail production machine," said Levi, who wrinkled his nose and sniffed hard at the smell of barbecue behind him. "Every night when I was locked up, I thought I even heard the sizzle of the roast leg of lamb dripping oil. Just then, the smell of roast leg of lamb came from the barbecue stand behind the small table, and there was a clear and incomparable sound of dripping oil. They looked at each other and smiled. Levi wiped his mouth and exclaimed, "So when I came back to Bermuda, the first thing I did was eat a leg of lamb at this barbecue stand for a month!"! Until I finally ate and vomited! Barbecue stand boss is listening to half words, complain sedulously: "Wei Ye, see what you say, my home roasts leg of lamb to be known as whole universe the first, how can you still eat vomit?" A burst of happy and flattering laughter rang around the barbecue stand. Read the of the nest website. Li Wei gradually gathered a smile on his face and looked at Xu Le and said earnestly, "Do you hear me? I am not Li Wei now, nor am I Wei Ge'er, but Wei Ye." "Eat meat to your heart's content is the original ideal, Coil nail machine ,nail manufacturing machine, when the real underworld boss is the eternal ideal, the front of this has already been completed, the back of this has been completed more than half, yesterday you intervened I have seen success." As I said in the car just now, the city is mine now. Xu Le's thick black eyebrows slowly wrinkled up, put down his chopsticks, looked at Li Wei to say something, but did not say it after all. Livy looked at him angrily and scolded, "I didn't sell drugs, I didn't force good people into prostitution, and I didn't kill innocent people!"! *** me, you've been nagging like an old man since you were three years old, and now we're all three cards and still like this! Are you bored? Xu Le scratched his head and said with a smile, "What's so annoying about this kind of thing?" When the roast leg of lamb was ready, Li Wei took the dinner plate handed over behind him, drew out a knife and cut it into pieces for Xu Le, then sent a piece to his mouth, frowned and chewed with nausea impulse, poured a mouthful of wine and sent it down, vaguely said: "Seriously, what I want to say is that my ideal of life has been completed, I know you have no ideal of life since you were young." But now that you've come this far, there must be a lot of things to do this time. "If you need my help, you can't be polite to me. I have no regrets in my life now. Do you understand?"? It means I don't care about anything. It's very rough and light, but it's not ***ed up. The atmosphere on the table was warm. Xu Le looked at Li Wei, who was bowing his head and spitting. He suppressed his feelings and asked with a smile, "I don't care if I'm from the Empire."? You're a decent federal man. Read the of the nest website. "You used to be a federal hero, and I was a gangster. Did you care?" Levi looked up at him and asked earnestly, "After you fled the Union, I thought you would come to Bermuda to find me.". I told you before that I would prepare a way for you in Bermuda. Why didn't you come to me? After a moment, Xu Le replied with a smile, "It's really inconvenient. I'm not lying to you. Brother, I'm the prince of the empire now." "*** me." Livy taunted himself, "I knew that was the reason. I thought you were going to be the emperor of the empire, so I thought I would never see you again in my life." "The emperor also has several poor relatives." Xu Le deliberately laughed. Temple Wei retorted: "Even if you become the emperor of the empire, but also rely on the parents, with the word you taught me when I was a child, this can only be regarded as genital grass life." "I'm not like you. I punched and kicked the Orphan Gang.". I admit that brother Banshan looked at me more because of you, but I am not polite to you about this matter. He raised his glass and said seriously, "My ability is really good. Although I'm certainly not as good as you, I still have a lot of skills." Le understood what Livy meant. He knew he had to go back to the Federation and fight a battle that seemed to have no way out, so he wanted to help himself. But Xu Le could not accept this kind of help, because Li Wei had his own subordinates and many people who needed his protection, so he changed the topic directly. How have you been in Bermuda these years? Livy understood what he meant and simply said no more. Not bad, Bermuda is rich in resources,Nail machine supplier, the largest income is the smuggling of the Union and the Empire, abnormal trade probably accounts for more than 90% of the annual income, the most critical is the licensed routes.