I lost my horse again after I changed my number and ran away.

Yi Ling sent a message to Ren Huai at eight o'clock, asking him to go home first without


Yi Ling sent a message to Ren Huai at eight o'clock, asking him to go home first without waiting for her. Then I'll go home first. "The group leader packed up the documents." Do you want me to give you a ride? " Yi Ling glanced at Ren Huai's office. The light inside was dark, and the man had already gone. Yi Ling shook his head. "No, I'll go back by myself." Group leader: "Boyfriend does not come to pick up?" "He is also very busy," Yi Ling shook the key in his hand, "and I drove the car myself." "You are so independent. It's better for girls to be clingy." The group leader smiled. "If I were a boy and had such a beautiful girlfriend as you, I would be waiting for you to get off work every day, otherwise I would have a sense of crisis." Yi Ling smiled, thinking that there was no such exaggeration. Even if there is a sense of crisis, it is her sense of crisis-after all, a few hours ago, a woman with a platinum bag talked at her, just short of saying that she wanted to rob a man with her. Farewell to the group leader,pumpkin seed extract, Yi Ling was attracted by a car as soon as he arrived at the parking lot. That It seems to be Ren Huai's car. When the car window came down slowly, Ren Huai raised his eyebrows. "What are you looking at?" "Why are you still here?" Yi Ling was a little surprised. "Didn't I let you go back first?" Ren Huai opened the car door and put his coat on Yi Ling's shoulder. I don't trust you to be alone in the company. Ren Huai said. Yi Ling: "What is there to worry about?" Ren Huai: "You are so beautiful that I have a sense of crisis." Yi Ling: "…" Yi Ling climbed onto the copilot, and Ren Huai handed her a paper bag: "Pad your stomach." Yi Ling stared at the fried chicken in the bag and hesitated for two seconds, taking a piece very spinelessly. I'll start losing weight tomorrow! She took a bite of fried chicken ^ _ ^ V C ^ _ ^ C ^ _ ^ and resisted very stubbornly. Well, OK,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, "Ren Huai answered with a smile and drove the car out of the garage." How was your work today? " "You look like the boss asking questions!" "I am your boss." “……” That's what I said. Not bad, "Yi Ling thought," finalized two sets of maps, go home and fix the details again. " "The efficiency is good," said Ren Huai approvingly. Yi Ling: "That is, also do not see who I am." "It's my girlfriend," Ren Huai looked ahead. "Did you meet anyone today?" Yi Ling immediately thought of Ji Yao. …… Who should I meet? "Ji Yao," Ren Huai did not hide her, "she sat in the company for several hours today, I am afraid she will find you trouble." Yi Ling: "Why does she sit so long?" "Said to want to talk to me, jujube seed powder ,ghana seed extract," Ren Huai tone light, "but I have nothing to talk to her." Seeing Ren Huai so frankly, Yi Ling hesitated for a moment and told him what had happened today. But the problem is not big, "Yi Ling saw Ren Huai look serious, hurriedly added," she was very angry with me today. " Ren Huai frowned. "You should have told me earlier." "You don't have to deal with such a trivial matter. I'll do it myself," Yi Ling said with a smile. "I'm not a dodder flower. I can protect myself from these people." "I should say this to you," Ren Huai paused. "Ji Yao is duplicitous. I'm afraid she'll do something bad to you on impulse." Yi Ling raised her eyebrows: "What can she do to me?"? Can you still eat me? Just then, Yi Ling's cell phone rang. It's Bai Shi. …… Shishi, "Yi Ling picked up the phone." What's wrong? " Bai Shi's voice was a little worried. "Where are you now?" "I'm on my way home," Yi Ling was stunned. "What happened?" "Go home quickly, something big has happened!" Bai Shi said eagerly on the other end of the phone: "The thing that your tuba is the imperial spirit was exploded in the forum!" The author has something to say: In the middle of writing, the keyboard is locked, half of the article is typed by mobile phone, and I feel that I am going blind. Thank you for chasing more cuties, love you! Chapter 99 Chapter 99 The post of exploding horses became popular very quickly, and within half a day it was pushed to the front page of the forum by the people who ate melons. The post was sent by a first-level account, the initial data was 0, even the head portrait was gray, and it was a special trumpet for exploding horses. "She posted the IP addresses of your two accounts." In the apartment, Bai Shi handed the IPAD to Yi Ling. "She also compared the operations of your two accounts." Every player has his own style of playing in the arena. Yi Ling has played thousands of arenas and more or less retains some personal habits. "This action, open the big move immediately walk control person incidentally back to the blood," Bai Shi pressed the pause grid, "too have your personal style, the whole flourishing age can not find the second person who can play this set of even moves." Yi Ling took a sip of milk. "Are you praising me?" Bai Shi: "…" Bai Shi: "Why don't you have any sense of crisis?" Sense of crisis. This is the second time that Yi Ling has heard this word today. And it's all about the same person. As for who that person is. Think about it with your toes. I don't know who the poster is, "Bai Shi said angrily." Grandpa yuan Longping let her eat too much? Why do you pick up other people's trumpet when you are bored? Yi Ling looked at the comments below the post, and most of the players still held the attitude of passers-by. It's normal for people to open a small account. I also open a small account to brush my daily life. [After watching the video, I can only say that both of them are very strong in operation.] Even because Shengshi has a large number of new players injected every day, there is another phenomenon in the forum- ' This little cake is delicious. I know who the Royal Spirit is. [Where did the Little Transparent Touch Porcelain Forum Red Man come from?] Yi Ling: "…" Sure enough, the Internet has no memory. Bai Shi asked Yi Ling, "Did you tell Ren Huai about this?" "No,pumpkin seed extract," said Yi Ling. "I let him go after he sent me home." Bai Shi is a little anxious: "Why don't you talk to Ren Huai?"? "He is the boss of the company, let him check the poster IP, don't you know who the poster is?" "No need to check." Yi Ling looked at the post: "I know who the poster is?" Bai Shi: "Who?" Yi Ling: "Ji Yao." 。 prius-biotech.com