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ut when I got to Marshal Yang's mansion, the princess was crazy. I came here to look for the line, but I didn't expect. "Crazy?"


"The Taoist doesn't know." Seeing that I didn't urge him to enter the Dragon Palace again, the old tortoise turned his head and said to me, "Our princess was originally the princess of Dongting Lake, but a few days ago, I don't know why, she suddenly got seriously ill.". The squid demon monk was stunned to say that it was my heart that could cure the princess. In fact, it was not the case at all. "Jiulong Ruyizhu is related to the Dongting aquarium. I think it may be because the princess is too far away from Dongting, so she got the disease.". If Jiulong Ruyizhu can be found, the princess's illness will naturally be cured without medicine. This time I took the earring of the princess, and I wanted to use it as a token to ask the Dragon King of Dongting for help, so as to save my life. "What a pity." I sighed and said with a smile, "I think you'd better give up this idea, because Jiulong Ruyizhu has long ceased to exist in Dongting Lake." "What?" The old turtle turned pale with fright and asked in a hurried voice, "What happened to the Dragon King of Dongting?"? Then my life will be over. Poor me, I devoted all my life to the Dragon Palace in the West Sea, but I didn't expect to end up like this. If I had known, why would I have escaped? I would have let the demon monk dig his heart and cook soup directly, and I got the title of a loyal minister. Chapter 493 you stay honest with me. Chapter 493 you stay honest with me. "Stop howling!" Listening to the old turtle crying,jacuzzi bath spa, I couldn't sit still on his back. After patting the turtle on the back, I said, "I have found the Jiulong Ruyi Pearl, but there is something wrong with it. I don't know if it can cure your princess's illness." "What?"? Jiulong Ruyizhu is on you? The old turtle struggled to turn his head and wanted me to show him something, but as soon as he turned his head, he immediately pulled the wound on his neck,endless swimming pool, and his cheek, which had just recovered, immediately bled again. Taoist, please do me a favor and untie the things on my back. I promise I won't run away. The old turtle begged me for mercy, saying that the three steel nails had really made him suffer a lot. Anyway, the Dragon Palace in the West Sea has been found by me. It's not important whether the old turtle can escape or not. Besides, I also enjoy the sport of riding a turtle. Let's take it as a good deed. Holding the top of the steel nail with both hands, I pulled it in the opposite direction, and three purple blood columns gushed up, like three light smoke dissolved into the sea, and the old turtle regained his freedom. The green light wrapped tightly around the old turtle's body, twinkling and twinkling, and every time it twinkled, garden jacuzzi tub ,whirlpool hot tub, the old turtle's body changed. The huge tortoise shell slowly shrinks, and its body seems to be stretched a little. In a twinkling of an eye, a tortoise prime minister in ancient mythology appeared in front of me. On the back of the thick round shell, he wore a purple robe, a black gauze on his head, a long belt on both sides, and a moustache under his nose, which made people laugh. Thank you, Taoist Priest, for your life. Can you show me the Jiulong Ruyi Pearl? The tortoise prime minister, with a big tortoise shell on his head, bowed his body and made a gesture to me. If you take another jade stick in your hand. It's exactly the same as the tortoise prime minister on the stage. After reading it, no matter what happens, no more numbers are allowed. As I inoculated the old turtle, I took the broken Jiulong Ruyi beads out of my backpack. The nine fragments glistened in the palm of my hand, reflecting the coral around them, and seemed to shake lightly in the sea. The light was faint and not dazzling. This is Is this Jiulong Ruyizhu? Ha ha ha ha! Ha-ha ha-ha ha To my surprise, the old turtle did not cry at the sight of the broken beads. Instead, he laughed so hard that he almost lost his breath. What are you laughing at? I asked with some exasperation. Could it be that this bead in Jiuli is not the Ruyi bead of Jiulong? That's not right! Nothing else could be found in the ruins of the Balrog Temple that might be the Jiulong Ruyi Pearl. Furthermore, Marshal Yang was sure that it was indeed the Jiulong Ruyi Pearl. After laughing for a long time, the old turtle finally stopped laughing, patted his chest and said, "Are you making fun of my old man?". Unless the Dragon King of Dongting dies, how can the Jiulong Ruyi Pearl be broken. ” "The Dragon King of Dongting is indeed dead." I said coldly. The old man thinks I'm going to all that trouble. Did you find such a broken bead to joke with him? What This time, the old man couldn't laugh any more. He looked at the broken bead in my hand and asked, "Is the Dragon King of Dongting dead?"? Then this bead. I told you that this is Jiulong Ruyizhu. Not only the Dragon King of Dongting died, but also the four princes of the Dragon King of Dongting died. Before they died, they asked me to take this bead to find Princess Dongting. But when I got to Marshal Yang's mansion, the princess was crazy. I came here to look for the line, but I didn't expect. "Crazy?" The old turtle opened his mouth as if to say something. But he didn't say it. But from the way he hesitated to speak, I roughly guessed that the condition of the Princess of the West Sea was not much different from that of Mrs. Yang. Do you have a way to fix this bead? Now it seems that the old turtle is the only line of the task, and I have to pin all my hopes on him. The old turtle groaned for a moment, then shook his head and said, "There is a way, but I'm afraid no one can do it." "As long as there is a way!" This sentence. Like a light suddenly lit up in the darkness, it brightened my eyes, as if I saw hope waving to me again. In fact, the Dragon King of Dongting has not only four princes, but also a fifth. The old turtle told me the story about the family of Dongting Lake, and also told me the direction of the mission. At that moment,jacuzzi suppliers, the pager on the waist rang. Boss, I've found out. These guys took the task of the Dragon Palace in the West Sea. To catch the tortoise prime minister of the Dragon Palace. But he cured the Dragon King's wife. We help them find the old turtle, and then we can go to the Dragon Palace with them. 。