Reborn Kim Tae-yeon

The time of a song is very fast, when the song is over, everyone is not satisfied, now there is only one release, all the singers are on stage, the two MCs are also laughing, because music programs are very good.


"Let's meet one of today's alternates, Girls' Generation, 2pm and outsider." MC Yoo Se-yoon got excited. She was really popular in the girl group. Girls' Generation was able to join a male group and a male singer at the same time, which showed that there was a trend to surpass the male group. At this time, nine people in the waiting room were watching TV calmly. They had rehearsed in front of them, and there was no problem at all. Taeyeon also put on a wig with the help of Han Youjia. Wearing a navy uniform, and this time a special headset, which has everyone's name written on it, but also inlaid with a lot of flower decorations, it seems to be specially made. Seo Hyun was still sitting on the sofa reviewing her lessons. Taeyeon went over and took a look at Seo Hyun. Seeing her drinking water, she said doubtfully, "Seo hyun, why do you still read books when you have done well in the final exam? Now we are in the TV station. It's good to watch a little. Work is important, do you know?" When Xu Xian heard the elder sister's words, he nodded and said, "I know Ernie, but I'm going to take the college entrance examination, so I'll look at the textbooks for the next semester first." "Oh, I see. Which university are you going to go to?" Taeyeon knows that Seo Hyun applied for Dongguk University in her previous life, so it should be no exception now. Like Yoon Ernie, I went to Dongguk University. Seo Hyun said firmly,mirror stainless steel sheet, Taeyeon nodded and said: "Then you have to work hard, but when you work, you have to be serious, not half-hearted, otherwise things can not be done well." Seo Hyun heard Taeyeon's words and nodded. She felt that what Taeyeon said was reasonable. She didn't have to read the book. So Seo Hyun closed the book and checked what else was missing. Sika looked at the TV, thought about it and looked at the other eight people and said, "Sisters, our biggest rival this time is 2pm. They have a lot of momentum recently. Although we released the album on the 29th,304 Stainless Steel Wire, the album data is not available. Our broadcast and sales data is 0, so it depends on the sound source and the likability. But this is good. We want to convince 2pm to lose." We also want to let everyone know that we can beat the men's group as long as we use the sound source and broadcast data! Sika spoke forcefully, her eyes full of murderous look and determination to win. After listening to Sika's words, everyone burned up, especially sunny, whose eyes were also full of murderous look. She did not speak, but her eyes were enough to explain everything. All right, all of you are so passionate. It's just 2pm. I don't care at all. We should have a good rest. We're going to celebrate later. Taeyeon's words made everyone laugh. It seems that Taeyeon's goal is very big. 2pm doesn't care. Taeyeon has great confidence in Girls' Generation. By the way, have you visited senior Chae Yeon? Taeyeon suddenly thought of this, he and Sika just went to visit the younger generation, the others are to visit the older generation, if you forget which older generation is not good. Don't worry, Taeyeon, we have all visited, and our predecessors have praised us, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, saying that we are sure to become the first women's group. I am very happy to talk about the senior sunny. When I met the senior, the senior always praised sunny, but I still remember some words of the senior sunny, that is, don't be proud. Pride makes people complacent. These sunny still understand. That's good. I'll have a rest first. I'm tired these days. Taeyeon finished sitting on the sofa closed his eyes to rest, unconsciously fell asleep, but all this was photographed by Sika, Sika mainly to see Taeyeon sleeping very cute, took a picture and posted it on the Internet. After a while, when Girls' Generation was about to go on stage, Taeyeon woke up and yawned. Han Youjia immediately came to fix Taeyeon's makeup. After all of them were done, nine people went backstage. When we got to the backstage, we picked up the microphone. Nine people looked at the stage and gathered together again to pray that we could get one today. After so many months of hard dancing, we could prove ourselves. Everyone was full of confidence. Of course, we were a little nervous. As the promo for genie hit the big screen, fans screamed, knowing that the next stage was girls' generation, and that girls' generation was the finale again, which made sone even happier. Say what you want. One of Taeyeon's lyrics ignited the enthusiasm of the fans, who desperately responded. This time, they knew that Taeyeon had cut her hair, so the fans watched Taeyeon's hair while watching the performance. The sharp-eyed fans clearly saw a few yellow hairs in the black wig, black and yellow. However, after the appearance of the leg-swinging dance, all people's attention was focused on the legs. It seemed that everyone had no immunity to the beautiful legs. Even Taeyeon couldn't stand it. Looking at the beautiful legs in the dormitory every day, she felt very hot and dry, so every time she could only look for Sika to vent her anger. With perfect formation, solid singing skills and sexy dancing, Girls' Generation performed "genie" perfectly. Not only sone, but also other fans clapped their hands and were conquered by Girls' Generation's performance. The time of a song is very fast, when the song is over, everyone is not satisfied, now there is only one release, all the singers are on stage, the two MCs are also laughing, because music programs are very good. Girls' generation CB last week, this week on the alternate, how do you feel? As soon as Liu Shiyun asked, Taeyeon picked up the microphone and said: "I feel very good. After CB, I felt the encouragement and love from everyone. I hope we can have a good result today." "Oh, well, let's see who the one is today. Please look at the big screen." Liu Shiyun said that everyone was staring at the data on the big screen. The first thing to start was the amount of sound source. When the sound source was 7003, everyone was surprised. Unexpectedly, the amount of sound source of Girls' Generation was so high. 2pm and outsider were only 2933 and 4055. The gap was too big. However, the next good feeling and album score of Girls' Generation were 0. It was not until the release that there were 261 points. Look at 2pm, each data is very high, which is 60 respectively. 2405, 572,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, it seems a little uncertain, and the outsider's data is similar. Sika held Taeyeon's hand tightly at this time, and she became nervous.