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White shirt boy this kind of proud posture, the other three people naturally do not have the initiative hot face to stick the cold buttocks of the truth


Gu Wenjing became the top student in the senior high school entrance examination with nearly full marks. When he went to school to see the results, he saw a red banner hanging above the school gate before he reached the school gate. He warmly congratulated Gu Wenjing, a student from No.2 Middle School of the city, on winning the top student in the senior high school entrance examination! A little ashamed. However, Gu's mother, who came to school with him, felt so honored that she insisted on pulling Gu Wenjing to stand at the school gate to take a picture as a souvenir. Gu Wenjing's top student in the senior high school entrance examination brought great honor to No.2 Middle School, so No.2 Middle School directly awarded him a prize of 10,000 yuan. When Gu's mother came home with the 10,000 yuan bonus, she seemed to be stepping on the clouds all the way. Gu Wenjing wanted to keep the ten thousand yuan for himself. He had already borrowed Gu's mother's mobile phone to surf the Internet and was optimistic about a stock. He wanted to make money early with the ten thousand yuan. But no matter how much his father and mother valued him, they would not give him such a large sum of money for safekeeping. They only gave him two hundred pocket money, and all the rest were taken away. Gu's father and mother discussed holding a Teacher Appreciation Banquet with the money, and invited the teachers who had taught Gu Wenjing in No.2 Middle School and their relatives to attend. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< When Gu's mother invited the guests to the Teacher Appreciation Banquet, she also invited the wooden family across the door. Although the wooden mother did not want to participate, but the face is always passable, so she agreed to come down with a smile. As soon as the door closed, Mu Mu said angrily to Mu Zhenzhen, "You really don't live up to expectations!"! If you can't get the first prize,push back racking system, at least you can't be so much worse than Gu Wenjing, can you? Mu Zhenzhen lowered her head and did not speak. In the past three years of junior high school, in fact, she had made great progress, but Mu Mu had been comparing her with Gu Wenjing on the opposite side. Of course, she lost all the time. "Don't blame Zhenzhen," said Mu Fu. "She has made great progress. She scored more than 600 points in the senior high school entrance examination and got a high score in the province. Aren't you satisfied?"? Always compare Zhenzhen with Gu Wenjing. No one in the whole province can match her achievements! Mu Mu stopped talking and her face softened a lot. In fact,heavy duty metal racking, she was satisfied with her daughter's achievements, but when she saw Gu's mother showing off Gu Wenjing's achievements in front of her, she could not help but want her daughter to overwhelm Gu Wenjing. It's like she's too competitive. The Teacher Appreciation Banquet was held in a big hotel in the city. The 10,000 yuan bonus given by No.2 Middle School was not enough, and Gu's father took a lot of money from his family's savings. However, even though the Teacher Appreciation Banquet is more expensive for Gu's family, Gu's father and mother are very happy. Moreover, people who come to attend the Teacher Appreciation Banquet always give gifts of money, which is not a loss. After the Teacher Appreciation Banquet, Gu Wenjing was much more relaxed. Taking advantage of his money, he went to the Internet bar to open a computer and took some translation jobs on the Internet to earn the first pot of gold. Young age is very troublesome, Gu Wenjing in order to facilitate the collection of remuneration, but also an excuse to save pocket money, Automated warehouse systems ,automated warehouse systems, let Gu mother give him a bank card. It was not until the summer vacation passed and the provincial No.1 High School was about to start school that Gu Wenjing stopped taking translation lists to make money. He threw most of the first pot of gold he earned from translation into the stock market. Gu Wenjing high school is far away from Gu's home, not in the same city. Gu Wenjing high school naturally can't live at home. Gu's mother offered to resign and then rent a house near the provincial high school to accompany her. Gu Wenjing refused: "The rent near the school is expensive. It's good for me to live in the school. I can go home once every weekend." Gu's father also considered that after his mother resigned, the family lost an income, and after Gu Wenjing went to university and even graduate school, he needed money. Then he nods: "That lives on campus!" That lives on campus! Gu's mother had to help Gu Wenjing prepare the daily necessities needed to live in school and try to make his son live comfortably in school. Gu's father and mother sent Gu Wenjing to the provincial high school to sign up, apply for a dormitory, and take him to the canteen to fill the meal card, the two were reluctant to come back. After Gu Wenjing saw off his father and mother, he went to the dormitory. As soon as he pushed open the door of the dormitory, he saw a familiar face. He was surprised and said, "Lu Xiao?" Dormitory is a four-person dormitory, the conditions are not bad, before Gu father and Gu mother sent him to the dormitory, there is no one in the dormitory, he did not expect that one of his roommates is actually Lu Xiao. "Didn't you expect that, boss?" Said Lu Xiao with a smile? Boss, you have come to save a high, how can I not follow the footsteps of the boss? Gu Wenjing said, "I know you were admitted to the provincial high school, but how can you be in the same dormitory with me?"? It can't be such a coincidence, can it? Chapter 36 the hero is a school bully. Lu Xiao Hei Hei smiled: "I specially asked my family for help and transferred to the same dormitory with you." Speaking of it, he was a little proud. Originally, his family wanted him to go to school, but later he found out that Big Brother Gu lived on campus, and he insisted on living on campus, and he had to live in a dormitory with Big Brother Gu. He spares no effort in the matter of holding the thigh. Gu Wenjing did not say anything, he tidied up his daily necessities, this time the other two roommates also came one after another. The two roommates were also freshmen in the first year of high school, but only one boy named Xuwen greeted Gu Wenjing and Lu Xiao warmly. Another boy in a short-sleeved shirt had headphones in his ears and did not look at the people in the dormitory, let alone introduce himself. White shirt boy this kind of proud posture, the other three people naturally do not have the initiative hot face to stick the cold buttocks of the truth, after all, this age of boys who are not strong self-esteem? Even Xu Wen, who seemed to have the best temper, did not take the initiative. Gu Wenjing didn't even look at the boy. As if there were only three people in the dormitory, Lu Xiao accosted Xu Wen and said, "The eldest brother and I are in the same class. Which class are you in?" "I'm in Class Three," said Xu Wen with a smile. "Class Three and Class One are on the same floor," said Lu Xiao. "We'll go to the classroom together." Xu Wen nodded with a smile, and the relationship between them soon became closer. Then Xu Wen couldn't help asking, "Lu Xiao, why do you call Gu Wenjing the boss?" Lu Xiao could not shut up the chatterbox, and could not help showing off the great achievements and fear-inspiring prestige of several junior high school students in the first year of their junior high school. Hearing this,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, Xu Wen was dumbfounded and said to Gu Wenjing in a funny way, "Hello, Big Brother!" Gu Wenjing smiled and waved his hand: "It's all an exaggeration." 。