Seven-day escape game

Tang Zhi scooped up a piece of cake with a spoon and brought it to his mouth. "I don't know," he said with black eyes.


Tang Zhi looked at the extra bags of nuts. His long eyelashes cast shadows on his lower eyelids. He put the nuts into his coat pocket and said in a low voice, "Thank you." Ruan Chushui smiled, relaxed and reclined on the door frame, saw that the boy in front of him did not refuse, felt that the distance between the two was much closer, and was happy in his heart. Not wanting him to leave too quickly, he looked at Tang Zhi in the dark and saw the ring on his left hand. He had nothing to say: "The ring is very beautiful. How can I wear the ring finger? Those who don't know think you are married." Tang Zhi pursed his lips and did not answer immediately. After a while, he took off the ring on his slender finger and stuffed it into his pocket. "I'm not married yet," he said calmly. "I guess so. You look so young and so." Ruan Chushui looked at him, and the light in his eyes turned into a gentle bubble. This scene fell in the eyes of Gu Meng, who had just stepped halfway up the steps and was ready to go up to the second floor. After seeing Tang Zhi pull out the ring, he stood in a dull place for a moment. After reacting, he was in a complicated mood. He waved his hand one after another and motioned to Enjin behind him to go downstairs. Two people quietly back to the first floor, dark lights blind, Gu Meng last step empty, fell to the opposite wall almost sprained foot. Enjin blinked and saw that he was out of his mind. "What's the matter with you?" She asked. Gu Meng slanted his face and looked at him. "Did you just see that?" Enjin nodded. Do you think.. Gu Meng hesitated and said slowly, "Do you want to remind Bo Ye about this?" Enjin thought about it and nodded: "Bo Ye is a good man." “……” Gu Meng added, "then you go and say it." Finally,push back racking system, do not feel at ease to add: "Euphemistic point, can let him almost aware of the line." Enjin sighed as if something had happened, like a half-grown boy who was worried about new words: "I understand, and I don't want him to be hurt in love." Gu Meng: ".." In the room, Bo Ye sat cross-legged on the bed, facing the window, unscrewed the tail cover of the flashlight by moonlight,asrs warehouse, poured out the batteries inside, a man was tinkering, and the door was pushed open from the outside. Looking at the door, Gu Meng came in and looked at him furtively, followed by Enjin. Where did you go? Bo Ye said lightly, "did you see Candi outside?" Gu Meng hesitated, closed the door, and motioned to Enjin to speak. Enjin calmly sat down beside the man and said with a straight face, "Bo Ye, I may have something to talk to you about." "Mmm." Rare to see Enjin so serious, Bo Ye threw the flashlight aside and listened attentively. Enjin put her hands behind her back and slanted her head to look at him. Her voice was low and calm: "Listen." Bo Ye didn't know why, but he still listened carefully. It was quiet at the moment, except for the constant sound of rain outside the window. "What are you listening to?" He asked. Enjin: "The raindrops fall on the green grass." Bo Ye:?? Gu Meng holds his forehead. Enjin looked out of the window, metal racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, and a damp wind blew into the room and brushed her face. He closed his eyes against the wind and said, "Look." Bo Ye looked outside and saw nothing but the fir forest. He frowned and said patiently, "What are you looking at?" Enjin: "The spring breeze is green on the south bank of the river." Gu Meng: ".." Bo Ye grinds his teeth: "What do you want to say?"? Don't beat around the Bush. Enjin turned to look at him and answered the wrong question with a serious face. "A man should be broad-minded, shouldn't he?" Bo Ye:.. So Enjin patted him on the shoulder and said sincerely, "So do you choose to forgive him?" Bo Ye scratched Gao Ting's nose with his fingertips and decided that he was stirring up trouble. He was also sincere and sincere: "I'm not in a good state of mind now. It's easy to *** your uncle. So can you stay away from me?" "Yes." Enjin answered with a good character and got up to stay away from the man he sympathized with. When he passed Gu Meng, he blinked his left eye and whispered, "Am I particularly euphemistic?" Gu Meng's expression is complicated, and it's a long story: "." You're a genius. On the second floor, Tang Zhi put the ring in his pocket. Without waiting for Ruan Chushui to finish, he continued, "I joined the game before I got married. I was going to hold a wedding in Norway on September 7.". ” Ruan Chushui's face stiffened. "Do you have a fiancee?" Tang Zhi shook his head and made no secret of it: "I have a fiance, Bo Ye. I have been with him for five years when I was nineteen." While Ruan Chushui was in a trance, he held the cake box in his arms and bowed slightly. "Thanks for your hard work," he said. "I'll go first." Without paying any more attention to Ruan Chushui, Tang Zhi turned and went downstairs. Back in the room, Tang Zhi took out two bags of nuts from his pocket and threw them on the bed. He said to Enjin and Gu Meng on the other side, "Ruan Chushui gave it to us, and we divided it equally." Bo Ye sensitively noticed something and looked at Tang Zhi: "Extra?" Gu Meng and En Jin looked at each other, kept silent and ate melons quietly. Tang Zhi sat down beside Bo Ye, opened the cake box, and said, "Yes." Bo Ye squinted and became alert. "Why did he give it to you?" Tang Zhi scooped up a piece of cake with a spoon and brought it to his mouth. "I don't know," he said with black eyes. Looking down at the cake, Bo Ye opened his mouth and asked Tang Zhi to feed him. Suddenly, he was very upset. Suddenly, he understood what was green grass, what was the south bank of the river, and what was forgiveness. Thinking of this, Bo Ye cast a death stare at Gu Meng and En Jin. At night, Gu Meng was woken up by a deliberately low voice of conversation, accompanied by a fierce squeak of the bed. Looking back, I found that Enjin on the next bed had woken up early and was sitting on the bed, facing the other side of the room, looking lonely in the dim moonlight. Gu Meng raised his head and threw a pillow to attract Enjin's attention. "What are they doing?" He stared. Enjin looked back and whispered, "Fight." Gu Meng listened carefully, is really fighting, put down the heart, lie back, as long as it is not in the matter of poisoning Enjin on the line. The quilt on the bed near the door was constantly rising and falling, and there were two people inside, competing with each other, and their voices were very low and muffled. Bo Ye pressed the man under him,industrial racking systems, fixed his hands, and could not hear the emotion: "He gave you and you took it?"? Uh? So simple, are you eighteen years old? 。