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If the spring rain doesn't fall again, Dad will be worried that the rent won't be collected.


"Now that I'm pregnant, I'll keep it in the house. It's winter. Don't go out if you have nothing to do." This is equivalent to continuing to be grounded, but the place has changed from a small Buddhist hall to a west wing. Even though she has a baby pimple in her arms now, in the eyes of money and wealth, nothing can compare with his baby, so it's better to stay honest and don't come out as an eyesore. Hua Gu did not expect that the result would be like this, and when she had money to send the herbalist away, she herself wiped her tears in the room. Seeing this, Chunni breathed a sigh of relief and happily went back to report to Qian Baozhu. When Qian Baozhu learned that she was going to have a younger brother and sister, Qian Youcai also came back to explain the matter to her. As Chunni revealed before, the general meaning is that it is not easy for a girl's family to survive in this world. It will be better if he has a brother and sister to take care of him after a hundred years. And even if there are more children in the family, her identity is still the highest. In the future, the big head of the family will be passed on to her, so that she doesn't have to worry about it. Whether what he said is true or not, this fatherly heart is enough to move Qian Baozhu. Dad, it doesn't matter to me. It's good to have more than one person in the family. Now that Hua Gu is pregnant, she has to take care of her carefully. Don't accidentally die in the middle, so that the child will not even have a chance to come into this world. Qian Baozhu obeyed his heart and reminded him so far. Oh, don't worry about this young lady. Hua Gu used to do farm work. She's in good health. Otherwise,Lamella Plate Settler, how can we pick her to give birth to a baby for our family? Chunni saw that she really didn't care about it, and immediately said happily. Money is also at ease, call the baby girl to take good care of, what you want to eat, let Tiezhu Chunni to buy and so on, before continuing to work on other things. Qian Baozhu looked at the West Chamber through the window and thought to himself. After hearing what Chunni had just said, she felt that there might be something fishy about Huagu's pregnancy,lamella tube, but she didn't know when it would break out. A few days later, Chunni quietly reported to her that Hua Gu had sneaked out of the grounded west wing while her host was not at home, and that there was something missing in the kitchen. She probably stole it and helped her family in secret. Chunni said bitterly. She had always been in charge of the kitchen, and Huagu's moving things in the kitchen was equivalent to running wild in her territory, and she was almost angry to death. But now that she has the imperial sword to protect herself, she can't help the other party, so she can only run to her own young lady to get some air to tell her. Are you sure she took it? Qian Baozhu didn't expect Hua Gu to come here again. Chunni nodded affirmatively and said that this was not the first time. She had seen it occasionally before, but because she didn't take much and they were all insignificant things, it was not worth shouting out to haggle over every ounce, so the family turned a blind eye and did not see it. This time, perhaps with reliance, Hua Gu directly moved the grain. This kind of thing can not be laissez-faire, Qian Baozhu let Chunni secretly stare at some people, do not let her empty the kitchen at home. For the sake of the child, lamella clarifer ,MBR reactor, even if the grain is moved this time, tell Qian Youcai next time and let him dispose of it. Chunni answered, saying that there must be a next time. After all, the flower girl's family may really be short of food. How can it be enough at one time. The word "lack of food" made Qian Baozhu nervous. After asking Chunni carefully, she learned that the harvest of the two seasons this year was not good. After sifting out taxes and rents, there was not much left. Now it is winter, and some families in places where the terrain is not good and the harvest is poor have begun to lack food. And in addition, now the crops in the field are not growing well, the first snow has been reluctant to fall, it can be predicted that the next year will be 80% bad. If there is no snow and no rain, once the field is dry, there will be no harvest and it will be a disaster. At the beginning of the year, there was a dog eating the sun. Everyone said that God was angry and punished him. There were many disasters in the past two years. "When there is a disaster, it is the common people who suffer. Like that year, because of the severe waterlogging, there was no harvest and no food. My mother finally went sick and hungry.." Chunni couldn't help being red-eyed when she talked about the past. Qian Baozhu listened quietly, knowing the girl's life experience and understanding a truth at the same time. Although this is a novel world, the characters have their own stories of joys and sorrows outside the plot. They are not simply illusory outlines, but real existence. Chapter 77 the Silly Daughter of the Landlord's Family 7. Chunni's home was in the mountains, and in the year of frequent mountain torrents, her mother died of hunger. After the disaster, her father remarried a bride, and soon her half-brother and half-sister were born. Her stepmother sold her to Yapo on the grounds that the family had no money to spend. Fortunately, Chunni herself was lucky enough to be bought by Qian Youcai as a companion for her daughter, so that she could grow up without worrying about food and drink. She signed a death contract with the Qian family, and she has been a member of the Qian family all her life. Thanks to the owner and the lady, otherwise I don't know which dirty place I was sold to suffer. Chunni said gratefully. Qian Baozhu comforted her and was more concerned about the drought. Later, when Qian Youcai came to see her, Qian Baozhu asked the other party about it. The field has really begun to dry, and there hasn't been a drop of rain for several months. If there's no snow this winter, the harvest next year will be reduced. If the spring rain doesn't fall again, Dad will be worried that the rent won't be collected. Qian Youcai said worriedly. Although the Qian family has more than 100 mu of land, but the geology is not the best kind, planting grain is not much harvest, if the weather is not to force, it is almost no income. Besides, Qian Youcai is a landlord with conscience. He doesn't collect much rent, but he pays a lot of taxes. When the harvest is not good, not to mention collecting rent, it is estimated that he will have to pay taxes. When Qian Baozhu asked about the iron pillar, that's what he was worried about. The food collected is not enough, and our family will probably be hungry. What can we do then? Tiezhu rice is most concerned about whether it can be full. It was because he ate a lot that he was driven out of the beggar's nest by his family when he was young. By chance, he was picked up by Qian Youcai with great strength and brought up by himself. He was not so much a long-term worker of the Qian family as half of the Qian family. However,Rotating sludge scraper, because he was too stupid, Qian Youcai did not take a fancy to him as a son-in-law, for fear of wronging his daughter.