Mad Arms King

Mad Arms KingMad Arms KingMad Arms KingMad Arms KingMad Arms KingMad Arms KingMad Arms KingMad Arms KingMad Arms King


"Japan is an important grain producing area of Fuyun!"! Floating clouds do not have the real strength to occupy. Said Lu Feng. Li Ergou clenched his teeth and walked back and forth with the pistol on his waist. Lu Feng picked up the teacup in front of him and drank it in one mouthful. It was not until a cup of tea was finished that Li Ergou stopped and clapped his hands on the table in front of Lu Feng. I tell you, you can cooperate, but my brother, you can't bleed like this! Li Ergou clenched his teeth and shouted. Of course, we don't have to sacrifice our comrades. Lu Feng nodded his head. I know what kind of virtue you agents are, and I admire your courage to die calmly for the floating clouds, but my brother, I, Li Ergou, will never let my brother die. The muscles on Li Ergou's face were beating. That's all right Lu Feng nodded his head. Don't answer so soon. Chen Bingquan, a good old man, came over with a cup of tea. "We all know what the shadow agent did. The two sons of Ruan Yu, the king of Boni, all died of illness. Then two doctors who went to Boni were drunk and caught fire and died at home. Did they really die of illness and burn to death?"? It is no coincidence that a small unit of the special forces carried out a secret mission in Raksha and never returned, and that Raksha then broke out a plague epidemic! Chen Bingquan hummed. If you dare to play any tricks with me, I will lift your shadow! Li Ergou pointed to Lu Feng's nose and shouted. As long as you have the ability! Lu Feng nodded with a sullen face. You're not the shadow boss who has always existed in the legend, are you? Chen Bingquan suddenly squinted and said. Because I'm calm enough? Hum, even I don't know what the boss looks like now. Lu Feng snorted, holding the teacup motionless, but the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and finally he showed a little expression, as if he were laughing. PS: First of all, I would like to explain that if there is no big event around me, I will not break it. Even if it is broken, I will say hello. Yesterday, I broke it at 7:30. Later, I saw that it was examined at 9:00 the next morning. So, don't always say that I yearn for eunuchs. Our thing looks good. It can be soft and hard. It's normal. There is no meaning of practicing sunflower for the time being. 628 Old Soldiers don't Die The army of floating clouds all the way forward, even the emperor did not know where to go, although not yet hit the east, but the nearest army of floating clouds is only two or three days away from there, with the retreat of the crowd, all kinds of rumors. In this case, Tai Shuai appeared in the northern coast of Japan, appeared in the coastal areas of Japan, there is no larger town, as long as it can be observed at sea, are almost bombarded by naval cannons, everywhere is the blood stains after the body burst, occasionally can find a few pieces of broken decay. Deep into the land for hundreds of miles, Tai Shuai is to find a small town gathered more than ten thousand people, originally only less than ten thousand people in small towns, now just crammed into hundreds of thousands of people, more than one person, more contradictions, food is not enough, did not eat or drink, even the wild vegetables nearby were dug up, and the army of floating clouds also opened in, from here, but dozens of miles, far away, I can already hear the guns. Human flesh, inflatable air dancer , has been placed on the case, the price sold, from time to time people have disappeared, no trace, of which women and children are the most missing, do not have to ask to know that they may have become a lump of dry feces do not know where to discharge, perhaps Tai Shuai stepped on the lump is. Tai Shuai was jointly trained by the Ministry of Security and the Shadow for less than a month, but he himself studied management in the university, eloquence itself is good, and since the Department of Management was transferred to the University of Arts, similar to acting and other professional knowledge, in short, he is a very good college student. When he appeared in front of those people, looking at his neat clothes, and slightly fat appearance, everyone was stunned, and even eyes showed a greedy look, so fat, how delicious. Tai Shuai quickly reacted and had to admire people's adaptability in special circumstances. Tai Shuai is the kind of person with strong adaptability, otherwise he would not have been selected. Tai Shuai knelt on the ground with a splash, endured nausea, kissed the land, burst into tears, and cried loudly in Japanese, "I'm back.." I'm finally back, my little turtle is finally back. Tai Shuai's violent reaction made every Japanese stunned and looked at him steadily. It has to be said that Tai Shuai is really very capable, but also very organized, once in the floating clouds of that large-scale student performance also has his figure, coupled with the Japanese management system has now completely collapsed, so there is his stage. Organize some Japanese elite to the seaside ship to get weapons, and then sink the ship, thousands of semi-automatic crossbows, countless bows and arrows, all kinds of weapons and equipment, one by one, and even black powder artillery. Tai Shuai used his eloquence, encouraged the Japanese to form an armed force of five thousand people, driven by hunger, ferociously pounced on the leading troops of the floating cloud army, directly beat back the floating cloud army of one thousand people, leaving the semi-completed temporary base, and even made a lot of food and canned food and so on, surprisingly rich in materials. And Tai Shuai also took advantage of this rare victory to establish his leadership position. Everyone was convinced by the little turtle who returned from studying abroad. The little turtle also officially stepped onto the historical stage of Japan from this small county town, and was called the father of Japan and the savior of Japan. Yes, Tai Shuai is the savior, well-trained troops, well-organized, imitation of the military establishment of floating clouds, and the power is constantly expanding, and finally recaptured a certain number of fields. But this kind of victory, especially in the face of a good soldier, this kind of victory is also limited, they can only beat back the clouds, but every war, will lead to the number of young and strong dead, to the end, the old and weak also have to fight. Although the sacrifice is great,Jumping castle with slide, after all, it is still a victory, a fragile victory.