Perfect World (1)Perfect World (1)Perfect World (1)Perfect World (1)

Perfect World (1)Perfect World (1)Perfect World (1)Perfect World (1)Perfect World (1)


The sound of the flute stops, and the two of them converge at a touch. Everyone is surprised and uncertain, what is the origin of the man holding the jade flute? Even ten champions seem to be afraid of him. Hum! Far in the sky, the holy light is shining, the dragon pattern is densely covered, the sky map is across the sky, there is a man stepping on the scroll, such as stepping on thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, there are mountains and rivers in the scroll, there are stars and rivers, magnificent and incomparable. His snowy clothes were dust-free, his silver hair was scattered to his waist, and his appearance was more beautiful than that of a woman. He could be called a peerless handsome man, and he was extremely holy and perfect. Six champions-Ningchuan! Shi Hao's eyes jumped, this is the opposite, a super horrible character. The strength of Ningchuan is unimaginable. When he was born, he had a vision, a dragon pattern on his forehead and a sky map on his back, which once illuminated the whole night sky and caused a sensation in that life. Although one of his spiritual bodies had been killed, it did not damage his prestige, especially as he became more and more famous, no one thought it was a disgrace to him. After all, he only sent out a spirit body that day, but alarmed the three brothers of the Stone Clan, who joined hands to kill them. Well, someone else? People are shocked, in addition to the three masters,Narrow aisle rack, there are people in the distant sky. It's ancient freaks. What's wrong with them? They're all here. People who know them can't help but wonder. Chapter 09:43 leading. The mountains are vast, the mountains are like giant elephants, one after another, and the battlefield area is dilapidated. Everyone is backward, I do not know why the ancient freaks all appear together, all arrived here, is it all for the sake of famine? Shi Hao, carrying Da Luo Xianjian, took a few steps back and was in a powerful position, but at the moment he was in a bad state and should not fight again. Moreover,Industrial pallet rack, he had a little palpitation and always felt very dangerous, as if he had been targeted by some creature and dared not act rashly. One, two, three.. Some people count, can not help but gasp, at least eight or nine ancient kings, all appear in this mountain range. This is definitely a big event! "There are still people coming. What happened?" People are surprised and uncertain. Could it be said that because of the second immortal spirit, such achievements shocked the ancient immortals and aroused everyone's interest? However, the news has not yet spread out, these people do not predict the prophet, pinching the time to come? "There must be something happening that we don't know about." Someone said in a low voice that he did not think that all the strong people came against the famine. The man who plays the flute like a banished immortal from the evil nest, the ten crowns wrapped in chaos, and the holy and flawless Ningchuan on the map of mountains and rivers are all the focus of people's attention. Three masters, any one appears, will cause a sensation! Ningchuan silver hair such as the stars, floating in front of the chest and behind, perfect face, a pair of eyes is very clear, he is staring at this direction of Shi Hao. There is bound to be a war between the two, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Narrow aisle rack, unavoidable! This is the first time their real bodies have met, and they met here. However, Shi Hao's condition is too bad, it is difficult to go shopping, and the current situation is not optimistic. Hum! Suddenly, Shi Hao felt a tremor in the void, and strange fluctuations spread. As early as when he fought with Gu Shengzi, he had a similar feeling, but he did not pay attention to it. Now he is suspicious. In that direction! Someone exclaimed, pointing to the west. In fact, when someone opens his mouth, the ten crowns and so on disappear and go at a very fast speed. Boom! The void broke open, and a magnificent palace crashed out, surrounded by large black cracks, spreading into the distance. This is a mysterious ancient palace, emitting a sacred atmosphere, accompanied by strands of fairy mist, looks solemn and solemn, the tiles are golden. But it is a little vague, not completely manifested, like buried in the void, huge stone pillars, magnificent palaces, gold tiles and other combinations, extremely magnificent. This is suspected to be an Asgard, with the breath of immortality. The ethereal man holding the jade flute and the ten crowns came for it and followed them all the way to this small world. Is it that the Golden Way Palace has appeared, indicating that it will not take long for the Immortal Way Arena to manifest? Some people were shocked and finally understood what had happened. The Golden Way Palace usually appears one after another with the supreme arena. As long as it really manifests, it means that the strongest battle for hegemony in the ancient world will begin. The Golden Road Palace is accompanied by the arena, and the two seem to be connected. If the former appears, the latter will not be too far away. In the past, some people have entered the ancient palace, got the mysterious creation, and created an immortal religion in the outside world! "It hasn't really manifested yet, but it will be fast, fast for half a year, slow for ten years. It is estimated that it will completely break out of the nothingness zone, and the struggle between immortals will begin." Someone sighed. Everyone knows that the Armageddon will unfold in a mysterious arena, and only the ultimate winner can be transported away by it to take the ultimate creation. Shi Hao showed a different color, he did not think that the storm was caused by the Golden Road Palace. This Asgard is very mysterious. Occasionally, it will spray out Bo Ruixia and fall out of the ancient treasure. It is too powerful to imagine. Even if it does not really manifest, sometimes there will be ancient treasures falling out, unusually mysterious, ancient freaks naturally come for it. Suddenly, the long sound of the flute sounded, and the ethereal man from the evil nest blew the white bone flute. The notes were cheerful, resonating with the Golden Road Palace, and he wanted to break in. Poof! Beside the body of the ten crown kings, a small tree emerged hazily in the chaotic atmosphere. With a gentle shake, a piece of haze fell and flew to the golden ancient hall. There are other people who are also attacking, not attacking, but interacting with them, triggering the resonance of this temple. They've already made a move and started to fetch the treasure. At this time, someone arrived and was surprised to see this scene. People track all the way, this golden ancient temple has been continuously through six or seven small thousands of worlds, each time stopped for a period of time, triggering a group of heroes chasing. Longbow Yan, you're here, too. What's going on? Shi Hao found an acquaintance and sent a message to him. This is the Taoist Palace of the last era, in which there are inheritance and weapons of the ancient era of immortals,Warehouse storage racks, all of which are striving for it. Longbow Yan said that he was surprised to see Shi Hao covered in blood and wounds. Poof! Suddenly, a bright light group appeared and rushed directly to the golden ancient temple in the void, just like a rainbow.