How to maintain 640*480 pixels camera module

640*480 pixels camera module


How to maintain the 640*480 pixels camera module? When we use the 640*480 pixels camera module, improper use and maintenance will shorten the service life of the monitor and reduce the use efficiency. Before the monitor has problems, how should we maintain it to prolong the life of the monitor?

How to maintain the 640*480 pixels camera module?

When using the 640*480 pixels camera module, be careful to keep away from hard objects to avoid collision, and use a soft cloth to wipe gently when cleaning the screen, this is because the resistance of LCD monitors is very small, many crystals and sensitive Electrical components can be damaged by impact.

When using the monitor, avoid running it for a long time, and avoid frequent startup and shutdown. Because this will damage the LCD lamp and shorten the life of the monitor. Pay attention to frequent dust removal and clean the dust on the surface of the display device. Regularly clean the dust and check the color and brightness of the monitor. Be careful not to place the monitor near heat sources or direct sunlight to avoid accelerated aging of the monitor and internal components. Monitors are particularly prone to attracting dust, therefore, they should be placed in a clean and well-ventilated environment. Do not place the monitor in a sealed cabinet, and pay attention to heat dissipation when monitoring. When using, the anti-tip cover or shielding cloth should be fully opened to facilitate heat dissipation.

Regular monthly maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the 640*480 pixels camera module. According to the operating instructions of each part of the monitoring system, various technical parameters are detected and hidden troubles are eliminated. Especially in spring and summer, open it several times a week to avoid dampness that reduces the insulation performance of electronic components. Monitors should not work while sick. If it is found that the monitor image is flickering, the brightness becomes brighter and a white retrace line appears, the smell of ozone is produced in the machine, or there is an internal fire, or there is abnormal sound, etc., you should stop using it immediately and repair it in time. How to choose 640*480 pixels camera module?

Faced with the complicated monitors on the market, what are the main factors we need to consider when purchasing medical monitors? How to choose a 640*480 pixel camera module? In my opinion, there are mainly the following factors to consider. Let's take a look together.

640*480 pixels camera module how to choose?

1. Brightness

The higher the brightness of the 640*480 pixels camera module, the more gray levels the human eye can distinguish. In order to improve the resolution of gray scales, the brightness of the display must be high. The higher the brightness, the more gray levels the human eye can distinguish.

2. Grayscale

The human eye's response to grayscale is not linear. Our eyes are less responsive to the dark parts than the bright parts. To reproduce black and white images with continuous grayscale, a graphics card with a grayscale output of more than 10bit should be selected.

3. Resolution

Resolution refers to the number of display pixels per unit area, and the cost of the display is also proportional to the resolution. Choose a normal monitor resolution of 1024×768. The resolution of the monitor is closely related to the resolution of the image itself. Proper selection of the resolution of the monitor can effectively reduce the acquisition cost of the monitor.

4. Response time

Response time refers to the response speed of the liquid crystal display to the input signal, that is, the response time of the liquid crystal from bright to dark.

5. The size of the monitor

The size of a medical monitor is related to its resolution. The higher the resolution, the larger the size, but it is not proportional. CRT monitors range in size from 17 inches to 21 inches. Liquid crystal (LCD) displays range in size from 18 inches to 32 inches.

6. Horizontal screen and vertical screen

Regarding the 640*480 pixels camera module, it is a question of choosing a horizontal screen or a vertical screen, you can choose according to your own habits. The current medical LCD manufacturers have taken into account the habits and requirements of doctors to read pictures, and have designed a function that can be converted between horizontal and vertical, which greatly facilitates clinical use.

640*480 pixels camera module