The industrial endoscope camera module plays a vital role in the automotive industry!

industrial endoscope camera module


In automobile production and maintenance, the industrial endoscope camera module is mainly used to detect and diagnose automobile engine, hydraulic components, fuel pipes, cylinders, engines, air conditioning systems, water tanks, differentials, fuel tanks, and gear boxes. Wear, coke, blockage and so on. For example: when the car engine fails, the traditional way is to judge whether there is a problem with the cylinder by listening to the sound by experience, and it needs to be disassembled to finally locate and solve the problem, the accuracy and efficiency are relatively low, and the use of industrial endoscope camera module, Just send the endoscope probe into the cylinder through the spark plug hole or fuel injection nozzle, and you can directly observe various faults inside the cylinder, such as carbon deposits, foreign objects, etc., so that you can accurately locate and solve the problem. For another example, if it is found that the transmission is not easy to shift and fall off by itself, you can use the industrial endoscope camera module to check without disassembling the transmission first to identify the damaged parts; for faults such as abnormal noise of the transmission, you can also use the endoscope to check. Whether the gears are missing teeth, abnormal wear and other faults, and then repair them in a targeted manner.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance of automobile engines, because the industrial endoscope camera module is easy to operate, easy to carry, and can be bent and inserted, it can easily reach the hidden parts that need to be inspected, so it is also an indispensable daily tool. For example, in the traditional engine carbon deposition cleaning method, customers cannot see the effect after cleaning, and can only make subjective judgments based on experience during the driving process; while using the industrial endoscope camera module, the endoscope can be used before engine cleaning. Mirror to observe whether there is carbon deposition inside the engine, and take pictures of the carbon deposition condition. After the engine is cleaned, observe and take pictures, so that customers can have an objective and clear understanding of the cleaning effect by comparing the images before and after cleaning.

industrial endoscope camera module