Steps to Writing a Definition Essay

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At first choose your definition essay topic
Your readers will be introduced to a term you have chosen to define. While there are many ways you can accomplish this, the goal at the beginning is to clearly describe the content of your paper.
Seek out multiple sources (dictionaries, encyclopedias), to find out how the term is often defined. Consider how you can combine these sources to create your unique definition.
Your paper's introductory should include the term you have selected.
Include information about this term in the main body paragraphs. Together with your own description, you could also highlight some instances where this term is used. You can also provide historical information about the term's origins and evolution in literature. You can also point out any mistakes in the definition.
Take a look at some sound examples to help you understand and demonstrate your definition.
Important Points
A definition does not mean that you have to copy what is in other dictionaries. If you are unable or unwilling to give a definition for some concept, you may use the one that is already there, but add your own interpretation.
Make sure you only use terms you know or that have directly impacted your life. It is important not to try and define a term you do not understand. Otherwise, you may confuse your readers with an incorrect explanation.
It is possible to explain the function, structure, or nature of a term. A term can also be defined by clarifying its meaning, or by comparing the term with others in the same class and emphasizing their differences.
Use a structured approach. It would make sense to explain your term in the intro, then go on with the main body paragraphs. End with short conclusions.
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